Not connecting to XPLANE and other issues

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My pilot2ATC refuses to connect to xplane today, it has worked every other day.

I installed custom ATC chatter, the free X-Chatter files. Then I made my own and placed them inside the same folder but the ones I made never seem to play


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Obviously something changed to make the connection not work.  Here are some things to check:

1.    XPUIPC installed in X-Plane Plugins folder  
2.    Make sure you are running the latest version ( as of this writing)
3.    Be sure you are connected to the internet
4.    English-US Language installed and set as Primary Language
5.    Working Microphone installed and set as Default Sound Input device in Windows
6.    Valid Call Sign – Try using the default call sign of Mfg: Beech; Tail Number: N431VB.  Press the Save button.
7.    Try running the program in Administrator mode by right clicking on the Pilot2ATC.exe file and selecting “Run as Administrator”

The Chatter problem sounds like you either have something wrong with the format of the sound files or a problem with the installation folder structure.  The User's Guide has detailed instructions on the folder structures required.



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Hi Dave, thanks for the reply.

It seems I moved XPUIPC out of my plugins folder for whatever reason. I moved it back in and all works well again.
I did hear my custom sound once last flight, perhaps I need to make more so there is a bigger chance of them playing.

I do have some more questions.

I wanted to change the readout of QNH from ATC. I read this post and tried what you said to do however Im still getting the QNH in hPa instead of InHg

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To get InHg (29.92) instead of hPa (1300) you just set the Units Type on the ATC Settings page to "US".

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Thank you again, I will try this on my next flight.

Another question/issue. Sorry to be a pain.
ATC seems to give me STARS and SIDS that do not exist, but are very close to ones that do exist. For example I might be given PAPA1A STAR by ATC but only a PAPA2A exists in my plane FMC. (Just example STAR names)
Both P2ATC and xplane are using the same airac data which is the latest.

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