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FAA is proposing raising the weight limit of Light Sport

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I just learned of this since I am still an LSA licensed student pilot.  It would be a great help to us if it comes to fruition, especially if the FAA grandfathers older aircraft that fall within the new weight limit, like a Cessna 152 if they raise it that high.  The biggest problem with LSA's is even with the two occupant restriction, useful load can be exceeded with only a bit a fuel aboard, making the flight dangerous in many ways.  LSA prices were driven high because so few aircraft in the used market could qualify for it--the Luscombe and Ercoupe, and neither had a good useful load, having low gross weights.  The only alternative was to pay $100-200K for a market that was meant to have cheaper aircraft, since the builders did not have to compete against the used market, they could have high prices for their certified LSA's.  The Cessna Skycatcher was one example of a Light Sport aircraft too expensive for the basic LSA pilot.  The accident rate of LSA pilots has been statistically higher than general aviation, and one main reason is the weight and frailty of the aircraft and reliability record of the two stroke engines often used on them.  I also felt the training was rushed.  I quit my lessons in order to buy my wife a home, but I also quit out of nervousness--my CFI wanted to solo me after only four flights and I felt I was not ready, I still had too many sim habits to unlearn.

Anyway, this is an interesting FAA proposal, I wonder what more experienced pilots think, especially if Light Sport (rare here).


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Anything to help this segment would be very welcome. LSA can’t seem to find its identity the way it is.


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