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VoxATC question before buy

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i'm interested in VoxATC but i would like to get some info first.
Do VoxATC inject AI traffic in the simulator? I mean, will the ai calculations be made by VoxATC so the simulator do not have to compute the AI giving me a lot of more performance?
Will i see and hear controllers talking about AI traffic in the sim?
Can it run in a networked configuration running on another computer? ---> autoreply, YES


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Yes, but it does not have its own traffic package, you can use the default right out of the sim. Some use MyTraffic, and others Just Flight's newer package, Traffic Global. I have used both, currently using Traffic Global. It does not work with Ultimate Traffic Live as the way it injects traffic is different. 

Not sure about the performance front, I use other ATC programs with UT Live and if both sliders are up, they can take down a once proud machine. I run them both around 30-50 percent traffic. 

Yes, you can use it networked. I have in the past, but cannot positively confirm I got any significant boost, so take that statement with a grain of salt. 





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If you run the server voxATC on another pc, boost must be there, as on your simulator you can put 0% traffic, but traffic will be there generated by voxatc

Anyways, thank you so much for you help, but i give up with voxATC because i am not going to install the english voice recognition language pack.


it's incredible i cannot find any (pay or free) application that does a very simple thing: calcute externally the AI and injencting it.

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