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The A340 Part 3 - Now with 5% A340s

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I probably could have just flown to Bangkok to do this Qatar A346 flight to Doha but I saw Etihad sends a B789 to Brisbane from Abu Dhabi. Seeing as I'm going there for Christmas I thought I'd give it a go.

So here's the plan for ETD484, using the route from FlightAware it was easy to plot 140min ETOPS circles.


At the gate in OMAA, shiny new (closed) terminal in the background.


Here we are lining up for take off.


After flying through the night (it was dark and there wasn't much to see) the sun rose and we were still over the sea (with still very little to see), however, after many hours, we found Australia and started making our way over the island (said like it's the size of the Isle of Wight... it's not, it's bigger)


We were joined by a Singapore A350 (that'll be me in a few weeks 😊) and Jetstar 787 both making their way across the continent.



As we approach Brisbane, the desert makes way for a more luscious green below and the sun starts it's slow descent to sundown.


There's a high level layer of lumps and bumps we descend through as the light fades.


Once we're beneath those clouds though, Bribane is visible in all it's glory. My management of the descent left rather a lot to be desired and we had to do an orbit on a long final, that's how a passenger on the right side of the aircraft could see the airport (with the port just beyond to the right)


We were soon back on the profile and, despite the winds not quite being as advertised, looking good to meet the stable approach criteria.


A quick glance right and left...



Parked at the gate well and truely into twilight.


All well and good but our aim was Bangkok... fortunately, during the Summer, Thai airways runs a 787-8 from Brisbane to VTBS. It's an overnight flight so I've only got a few pics...

Leaving Brisbane airport...


Looking across the city as we climb out on our way.


The next few hours we just dark but approaching Bangkok we found a local Thai 777 descending into VTBS with us.


Passing the airport as we go downwind.


Final approach, can't decide if I like the HUD or it's just really distracting...


On arrival I knew exactly which stand the real flight parked on so went for it only to find another aircraft there. GSX was able to tell me it was only a 4 minute wait until it was free and given all the stands around it were used as well I elected to wait. I've waited for stands often in real life and couldn't quite understand why I was simulating such complete incompetance but it did make the whole experience feel more 'real'.

Finally parked at the gate, morning definitely broken now...


I'm now 3 posts into a series about the A340 and I've yet to post a picture of one. I've also promised 5% A340s as well, so here it is...

Qatar 837 from VTBS to OTHH.
Wilco A340-600 getting ready to leave in Bangkok, unfortunately it's dark again.


Next few flights are all A340s now, back to Doha, then Columbo and back before going to Barcelona, all Qatar A340-600 routes (in the Summer).


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Fantastic shots, love the one as you start heading across Australia. Looks real!

Mark Adeane - NZWN

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