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There is a new 4.0 version available from the Fastspring website.  

This release has

  • improved shadows
  • improved effects fixes
  • new legacy logic.
  • many fog fixes for orbx sceneries 

On the legacy dialog the slider has now gone as the new fixer can distinguish fairly reliably between aircraft and scenery.  You should find that legacy aircraft are displayed completely accurately ( 8 bit textures aside).  Legacy night scenery should appear brighter and again be much more accurate.  The only difference I can find with dx9 are a few aes lite buses and trains which though acceptable are not accurately lit.

I have tried to send this update to the Flight Sim Store but again I have had no reply -   For customers with cloud shadows  I will be shortly releasing a new version of cloud shadows (1.12) which will patch FSS version 3.4 to 4.0.  If you have cloud shadows 1.10 and so have patched to 3.5 don’t worry as 1.12 will sort it all out.

Note that in v4.0 there are several significant changes to the user interface including

1)  No Legacy aircraft/scenery slider

2) The options when installing the libraries  DX10 compatible effects and Lights Package have been dropped  as no longer necessary.



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Added more info on UI changes
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