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  1. From the HIFi Website: ASP3D update 061921 (B7840) is now available as an OPEN BETA update. This brings new P3D v5.2 compatibility and various other fixes and improvements. See the article with details including download link and changelog: https://hifisimtech.com/asp3d-update-for-p3d-v5-2/
  2. Get the latest version available: open Configuration Panel | Check Updates... Otherwise download the latest e-commerce installers from our web site: Knowledge Base Article: Software Updates Release notes: v2.4.21.4 New: Compatible with Prepar3D v5.2. v2.4.21.3 Fixed: TCAD Traffic Alert when taking off or landing. v2.4.21.2 New: Compatible with Prepar3D v5.1 HF1 v2.4.21.1 New: Compatible with Prepar3D v5.1. v2.4.21 Fixed: COM Radios 8.33 Khz channels were reverting to 25Khz sometimes (P3D5). Fixed: TAWS Gear Handle sensor failing (FS9). Fixed: GUI Settings Panel could fail changing settings properly. Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements. Earlier release notes:
  3. Get the latest version available: open Configuration Panel | Check Updates... Otherwise download the latest e-commerce installers from our web site: Knowledge Base Article: Software Updates Release notes: v2.5.28.3 New: Compatible with Prepar3D v5.2. v2.5.28.2 Fixed: TCAD Traffic Alert when taking off or landing. Fixed: RXP installation searching for trainer installer v2.5.28.1 (re-released) New: Compatible with Garmin Trainer NB: This update includes no changes since January but the latest Trainer download link. v2.5.28 New: Compatible with Garmin Trainer NB: While we're working on adding support for the newest GTN trainer version, this release is using the latest databases included with Garmin Trainer and is compatible with the following GTN Trainers: 6.62.4, 6.62.3, 6.50.1 and 6.21. Earlier release notes:
  4. Hello @ll, AxisAndOhs 2.07 b12 has been uploaded to the shops today and should be available in your accounts shortly. This version is mostly about bugfixes: Change: Scripts: Repeat K: events with “|n” in scripts Bugfix: Buttons and Axis couldn’t be changed when device is not attached Bugfix: MIDI mode for the SaitekPanels could get stuck Bugfix: handling of the key down/up value boxes Bugfix: value 16384 not available for the key down/up events (PMDG mouse events!) Bugfix: Scripts: Forced read of LVars Bugfix: Scripts: Initialization of LVars fixed Bugfix: Additional initialization of “onchange” axis values Please note that the high speed StreamDeck plugin version is progressing as well, the latest version 3.15 is available for download on the AAO website.
  5. Hello @ll,AAO version 2.05 has been uploaded to the shops. It should be deployed to your user account in the next few hours. New: Template Editor: add or remove individual items from a template Change(!): option to change the update method of axis: continuously (like before) or "on change" = only when you actually move the lever. Change: Desktop/Web FIPs: %% can be used to create a percent sign in gauge text Change: Desktop/Web FIPs: <HorizontalAlign> CENTER, RIGHT, LEFT for gauge text Change: Performance: update button GUI control only when there is a change Change: option to overwrite all duplicate scripts in the Script Importer Change: added (a lot of) undocumented events to the default lists (especially for MSFS and P3D V5) Change: added an option to import csv lists of variables or events Bugfix: Direct assignment of LVars to buttons was broken Bugfix: MIDI axis not processing scripts Bugfix: "rng" RPN command working backwards Bugfix: WASM module not processing SIMPROC scripts correctly in some cases
  6. Hello @ll, AAO 2.04 has been uploaded to the shops today. It should be deployed and available for download in the next few days. This was a very long sprint, and the version required 43 builds to mature. The release of the Aerosoft CRJ didn’t really help either Change: Virtual key presses now working with MSFS, can be assigned to buttons or axis Change: Buttons can be assigned to have a different action when held down for a bit (long press) or just clicked (short press) Change: Rotary encoder can be assigned to have a different action when turned fast or slow (fast turn) Change: Joystick axis can be used to trigger one-shot events or key presses Change: Saitek Panels can be set to MIDI mode. In that mode the controls on the panel will send MIDI events that can be assigned in AAO like any other button Change: “SLEEP:” command to pause the execution of an RPN script by a fixed or random amount of time Change: “SIMPROC:” command to pass the execution of an RPN script on to the simulator, instead of processing it in AAO Change: “EXEC:” command to call an executable on your computer from within an RPN script Change: “SOUND:” command to play a wave file on your computer from within an RPN script Change: Devices that send unwanted DirectInput signals can be configured to be ignored by AAO (device blacklist) Change: added handling of C simulator variables Change: The position value of an axis can be assigned to scripts (required to operate the thrust levers in the Aerosoft CRJ) Change: automated restart of the script handler if SimConnect breaks down (the little LED on the main page turns yellow/red) Change: main window can be stretched by spinning the mouse wheel between the Axis and Button panels Change: Improved handling of the RPN script editor (copy&paste from other sources, doubleclick formats the contents) Change: Filter textbox is immediately active on the variable and event tree selection dialogs, “Enter” applies the filter Change: Added an extra “AXIS_TILLER_SET” event for ground steering with aircraft that use “AXIS_RUDDER_SET” for rudder control (Aerosoft CRJ) And of course numerous bugfixes and improvements under the hood.
  7. when I select (C) this option jumps to the parking checklist and does not execute the sub actions within the "After Landing Checklist" and I have to go back so that these checklists are carried out. I really don't know what happened or what went wrong with my V1.8 update. Any help or solution to this please and thanks for the update
  8. Get the latest version available via Plugin | Reality XP GTN | Check Updates... Otherwise download the latest e-commerce installers from our web site: Knowledge Base Article: Software Updates Release notes: v2.5.28.2 Fixed: TCAD Traffic Alert when taking off or landing. Fixed: xPilotClient plugin signature updated. Fixed: RXP installation searching for trainer installer v2.5.28.1 (re-released) New: Compatible with Garmin Trainer NB: This update includes no changes since January but the latest Trainer download link. v2.5.28 New: Compatible with Garmin Trainer NB: While we're working on adding support for the newest GTN trainer version, this release is using the latest databases included with Garmin Trainer and is compatible with the following GTN Trainers: 6.62.4, 6.62.3, 6.50.1 and 6.21. v2.5.27 New: TCAD is compatible with the new XP11.50 TCAS datarefs. New: TX/RX flags are now also using the new xPilotClient COM1/2 RX datarefs. Fixed: GUI Settings Panel could fail changing settings properly (CTD with XP11.50). Enhanced: Further stability and performance enhancements. v2.5.26 New: Compatible with GTN Trainer v6.62.4 (Garmin Trainers v2.7.1.0) Fixed: border.color setting supporting alpha (transparency). Fixed: border.color setting RGB component values were not read correctly. This release is compatible with the following GTN Trainers: 6.62.4, 6.62.3, 6.50.1 and 6.21 only. Earlier release notes:
  9. Hello @ll, feature and bugfix update 2.03 of AAO has been uploaded to the shops today: * Change: Additional features in the WebAPI to support a new version of the StreamDeck Plugin * Change: "Fast turn" option for rotary encoders: the down event will only trigger when you turn the encoder fast enough * Change: special LVAR for the RPN scripts containing the down value of the button assignment. So instead of two scripts for 100/1000 changes you only need one * Change: Template export/import will try to match controllers to the local hardware automatically (for example the device ID of a MIDI controller) * Change: MSFS: When assigning the default "CAPTURE_SCREENSHOT" event, AAO will create a screenshot of the simulator windows and save it do "Documents" * Change: The app will read from the PMDG SDK datastructures now, so you can use those values for visual feedback, for example on a MIDI controller * Bugfix: MIDI buttons getting stuck when assigned multiple times * Bugfix: Saitek buttons couldn't call RPN scripts * Bugfix: Clear on right click not working for up/down events on the Button assignment dialogs Deployment by SimMarket is already done, JustFlight will hopefully follow shortly.
  10. Hello @ll, AAO version 2.01 has been released today. The „endless“ setting for MIDI encoders has been fixed. When it is activated, it will make the app repeat the command that has been assigned to a control when it is at the stops (rotary with stops or a slider). For example, when you adjust the AP altitude, you could use a slider. This will work normally in the range that it can travel, and at the stops it will just continue counting up/down until you move it the other way again SimConnect Errors will be caught in most cases now, reducing the probability of a hard crash The “Test” button on the script editor has been fixed This button will now also show the result of a script, so you can use it to query variable values from the sim etc. Global automated scripts have been fixed The “Read HVARs from sim” feature now finds all kinds of things from MSFS – for example undocumented K: - Events and A: Variables. Again several changes under the hood, like running heavy processing in even more separate threads and SimConnect clients It has been deployed on SimMarket already, and should be available shortly on JustFlight too. Best regards
  11. [3 February 2021] A software update for FS2Crew: PMDG 747-400 QOTS II is now available! This is a free update. The update is built into the main installer only. There is no stand-alone update installer. You do not need to uninstall the current version. To obtain the update, please login to your FS2Crew account (it's on the top of the screen) and click "COMPLETED ORDERS", then re-download and re-install the package again. Change Log: Version 2.0. Fixes and Changes: Potential issue that could cause some users to have a non-clean shutdown of FSX/P3D indented and fixed. Version 1.9. Fixes and Changes: New Config Option: DISABLE FO CTRL STAB TRIM. This is useful if for whatever reason you want to set the stab trim manually. Runway Turn Off and Taxi lights will now come on when gear selected down, not at 10,000 feet. Removed possibility that FO could ask you twice if you want the flaps left down during the taxi in due to contaminated runways. New possible voice response for the "Transponder" challenger in SOP 2. "Code Checked Transponder" is now a possible response. Version 1.8. Fixes and Changes: Engine start procedure updated if the start sequence is 3-4-2-1. When calling for start on engine 1, the FO should no longer also start engine 4. Version 1.7. Fixes and Changes: You can now respond "OFF" for the Packs Challenge in SOP 2 in Voice Control. "AUTO" is now a possible voice response for the Anti Ice Challenge in SOP 2. Version 1.6. Fixes and Changes: FREE Support for P3D v5. To install, run the FS2Crew 747 installer exe and select the P3D V5 install option. Minor bug fixes and enhancements (for example, if using GSX Level 2, the pilot model won't walk to the plane since he's already on the plane. This only happens if you run the Pre Flight events.) IMPORTANT: You must be running the latest version of the PMDG 747. If in doubt, run the PMDG Operations Center to check if your 747 is up-to-date! Version 1.5. Fixes and Changes: For Speech Recognition, you no longer need to have your speech recognizer to ENGLISH US. Your speech recognizer setting can now be set to UK, Australia, Canada or India. Audio Reset function on audio page updated. It's much more robust now. If your audio ever drops and you can no longer hear your FO, press the Audio Reset button on the Audio page on the Secondary Panel. Minor bug fixes. Version 1.4 (Special) Fixes and Changes: Applies to FSX Version only: A bug was introduced into the last update that resulted in 748 panel entries being added to the 748's panel.cfg file in the FSX version. That should never have happened, but it accidentally did. The result was that FS2Crew entries were added to the 8 model's panel.cfg file in FSX, resulting in the window panel limit being exceeded, which resulted in the EFB no longer working. We just updated the file on the server that addresses this issue with the FSX Config Manager. If you use the FSX version and you also own the 8 model upgrade from PMDG, we suggest you re-download the product via your FS2Crew account. Again, this is for FSX owners only. Nothing changes for P3D V4 users. If you already have V1.4 installed and you use the 8 model expansion in FSX, we suggest you: 1. Disable FS2Crew via the FS2Crew Config Manager. That will restore your panel.cfg file to its original, pre-FS2Crew state. 2. Re-download FS2Crew for the 747 QOTS II via your FS2Crew account. 3. Run the FSX Config Manager again and re-enable FS2Crew. Your 400 model panel.cfg files should be updated with the FS2Crew entries, but your 8 model panel.cfg should remain untouched. Version 1.4. Fixes and Changes: 800 Model: Panel Switcher fixed. Missing Arrival Cabin PA added (US and North American voice sets). Button control: Autostart for the 8 models. Takeoff Safety Brief Added. "Unstable" call logic during approach improved. "Social" section removed from the 737 Config Manager due to updated Facebook/Twitter policies. Version 1.3. Fixes and Changes: The 8 model is now supported for free, but with some limitations: 747-8 USERS READ THIS PART CAREFULLY!!! 1. FS2Crew 747 QOTS II only supports the 8 model in P3D V4, not FSX. The reason is due to a panel window limit in FSX. Again, this is all the more reason to move to P3D V4. FSX is old and out-of-date. FSX is yesterday's news. It's time to move forward to P3D 64 bits. It's the future. Do NOT try manually copying the FS2Crew entries into the 8 model's panel.cfg in FSX or you'll mess up the plane! 2. Due to SDK, legal, and technical limits, the FS2Crew FO cannot interface with the Electronic Checklist System (ECL), so you'll be using the same paper checklists you used in the 400. 3. How to add FS2Crew to the 8 mode in P3D V4: You must run the FS2Crew PMDG 747 QOTS II Config manager again and re-enable FS2Crew. This is necessary to add the FS2Crew entries to the 8 model's panel.cfg file. Anti-Ice callouts fixed. Other minor bug fixes. Version 1.2. Fixes and Changes: During the Pre-Flight procedure, if you ask the FO to turn on the APU when the FO prompts you, the FO will set the APU start switch to ON after 3 seconds instead of roughly 12 seconds. Descent procedure: Baro Inches/ HPA issue resolved. Touch and Go's fixed. Remember: The FMC must be completed in full for it to work. FS2Crew still needs the speeds computed in the FMC. Cabin PA's fixed. During the pre-flight flow, the FO will now set the EIU knob to AUTO on his side. This should resolve any issues users had with a "NO LAND 3" EICAS warning. If flying a model whose EAI and WAI switches have an available AUTO position, the FO will now set the NAI and WAI to the ON position, and not leave them in AUTO, if NAI/WAI are required as per your Departure Brief selection. Based on our 747 consultant's report, this is the actual correct procedure. If the pre-flight procedure is run, door 2L should now open properly. For the approach checklist, you can now use the backup phrase "SET AND CHECKED" if you don't feel like reading back the actual altimeter value. For the landing checklist, you can now say "NOT ARMED" or "DISARMED" when responding to the position of the speed brake if doing a touch and go. Version 1.1. New Voices: Additional German Male Capt. Additional German Female FO. Additional American Captain. Additional American FO. Additional Australian Captain. Additional Australian FO. New UK Ground Crew. New United States FA. New United Kingdom FA Public Announcements. New German FA Public Announcements. New Features / Config Options: Integration with the PMDG Ground Service Vehicles (controlled via a new Config Option on the Secondary Panel). Option to have the Captain (that's you) only control the Hydraulics. New allowable start sequence: 4 - 1 - 2 - 3. New Config Option to allow the FO to select Terrain during his takeoff flow. Captain's Turbulence PA now available. Gate arrival procedures enhanced. Please see the tutorials for updated procedures. FS2Crew will only attempt to connect the ground equipment after you announce "Shutdown Procedure". This allows you to set the parking brake during taxi without triggering the ground equipment to be connected. New Config Option to allow the FO to turn on both generators in the Freighter, not just one. You can now talk to the ground crew by holding down the R/T INT switch. Hold it in the INT position. Fixed / Updated: Manuals updated. Some available voice commands were not listed. FO now properly calls "Plus 100" not "Approaching Minimums" based on associated Config Option. Voice Command "Select Flight Directors On/Off". No smoking signs no longer toggled in the Freighter models at 5000 feet in the descent. Can no longer call the ground crew while airborne. Touch and Go's fixed with respect to the Landing Checklist. Captain's no longer plays when you run the Pre-Flight events in Button Control. FO should now properly set the Baro scale (IN/MB) when in the US or Canada during his preflight flow. Missing sound file in the Secure Checklist (Emergency Exit Lights). FO will not announce passing the Transition Level during the descent if the altimeters are already set to QNH. Strobes On/Off voice command fixed. Match Speed / Bug Up/ Bug 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 25 -30 fixed. Setting the comm radios via voice control improved. Checklist Management voice commands fixed (ie., cancel the checklist, restart the checklist). On the FS2Crew Map, the the Flight Number now displays. FO should now properly acknowledge engine start commands. Config Manager panel.cfg handling updated to handle a rare situation where Vox ATC was on the panel.cfg file, resulting in Window numbers being put out of alignment. "Passing Altitude" math improved to generate more accurate values taking your rate of climb/descent into account. FO will not turn on the strobe lights when crossing runways (Voice command: "Confirm Clear to Cross/Enter Runway XXX" must be used). "Set and Checked" now works as a possible response for the Before Takeoff "Flaps" challenge. FO now responds to FMA callouts while in Descent Mode. If final sector, packs off deferred to the shutdown procedure. "Set Heading 000" fixed. Ground crew volume amplified. Dome light handling improved for 2nd legs. Twitter / Facebook integration now working again (Social Integration tab on the Config Manager).
  12. Hello @ll, AxisAndOhs feature update 1.77 has been uploaded to the shops today. It should be available in your account shortly. Here are the release notes: Best wishes and stay safe
  13. Hello @ll, version 1.03 b03 is mostly a bugfix version. It fixes the problem that button events would not be immediately available after having been assigned. In addition it is now possible to assign MIDI controllers to axis events as well. Since many MIDI devices have rotary encoders, this could be used for example for the tiller axis. Or it may be fun to fly a drone with ribbon controllers. The app is available for free on the Lorby-SI website Best regards
  14. Hello @ll, LLTX 2.01 brings several bugfixes and improvements, especially for the free OpenSkyNetwork datasource and the Hybrid mode when using RealTraffic. Many thanks to @abranpuko for his patience! And I have reactivated an old asset from the FSX days. When the selected datasource can see them (RealTraffic definitely can), you will see gliders in your simulator: (near EDDF during COVID lockdown, around midday) Best regards
  15. Hello @ll, On top of "Live" and "Simulator AI", LorbyLiveTraffic now has an additional "Hybrid" mode. Planes are under simulator ATC control when on approach and on the ground, but they follow the real world paths when en route. This mode requires the RealTraffic client by InsideSystems. LLTX is available as a free download on the Lorby-SI website. Best regards
  16. Hello @ll, LorbyLiveTraffic has been updated to 1.61, fixing bugs that prevented GA, military and helicopter traffic from working correctly in the older 32bit sims (FSX through P3D V3). The app is available as freeware on the Lorby-SI website. Best regards
  17. Hello @ll, LorbyLiveTraffic has been updated to version 1.50 b02, and is available in the DOWNLOADS section of the Lorby-SI website (bottom of the page). Starting with this version, aircraft will taxi in to a (more or less random) gate in "Live" mode too. They can't taxi out, because of how transponders are handled in the real world - the signal is picked up way too late to allow a taxi from the gate to the runway - most transponders are switched on just before take off. Also in this version there is the option to populate the airports with static aircraft automatically, using either the airport parking codes or, if those aren't available, the actual traffic around the airfield. For best results, having a subscription for "RealTraffic" by InsideSystems is recommended. LLTX still has a connection to an entirely cost free datasource too, but note the restrictions mentioned in the LLTX manual. This app is still in experimental status. I will most likely continue tinkering with it, and any input from users is welcome. Best regards
  18. Hello @ll, the Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer has been updated to version 1.43. With this version: P4AO can now export the locations of your addon airports to Google Earth. A couple of bugs have been fixed: the message with "non sequential layer numbers" should be much less frequent/ dll.xml/exe.xml entries can be properly disabled now You can select the type of file security "inheritance" for the files that P4AO creates (this fixes issues where the permission for the "Authorized User" may be lost in the process) The app is available as freeware on the Lorby-SI website, section DOWNLOADS Best regards
  19. Hello @ll, P4AO has been updated to 1.43 b08. This version fixes the issues with the scenery scanner / Google Earth export getting stuck on certain BGL files. Best regards
  20. Hello @ll, WAMA has been updated to 1.17 b08. This fixes the bug where WAMA would throw an error when searching through the users scenery for addon airports when it encounters scenery area titles in a certain format. The new version has been deployed to the shops and should be available in your account shortly. Best regards
  21. Hello @ll, P4AO has just been updated to version 1.39 b04 This fixes the bug where the scenery treeview would not refresh correctly when moving an item down and making it leave the "box". This also affected moving multiple sceneries down at the same time, which only worked once and then deselected the items again. The scenery list has gained a search field now, where you can highlight those scenery entries where the title or the path contains a text that you enter. P4AO will now also detect new packages, it is no longer necessary to run the simulator first. The tool is available for download on the Lorby-SI website. Best regards
  22. Hello @ll, the Lorby Scratchpad has been updated to 1.00 b05 it is now possible to copy&paste images in the windows clipboard into your kneeboard Best regards
  23. Hello @ll, the Lorby Scratchpad now has a Kneeboard Editor. With this tool you can create or alter the Checklist and Reference Kneeboard files of your aircraft - and add any content to them. This includes pictures, for example charts or maps in JPG format. Lorby Scratchpad is available as a free download on the Lorby-SI website. Best regards
  24. Hello @ll, AiTracker X 2.01 has been released today. This is a bugfix update mostly: Date 19.08.2017 Version 2.01 b03 - Bugfix: Initialization error on the dispatch dialog: edit waypoint recordings - Change: moved "import flightplan" to dispatch window Date 18.08.2017 Version 2.01 b02 - Change: When following native AI in pilot view mode, COM1 can be automatically tuned to the radio of the AI. - Bugfix: Waypoint recording skips first waypoint. - Bugfix: AITX observer avionics non functional in P3D V4 - Change: AITX constantly reloads battery and fuel tank of AITX observer - Bugfix: b01 induced a massive output of exception 1 error messages Date 15.08.2017 Version 2.01 b01 - Change: option to send waypoint lists to simulator AI - Bugfix: AI list constantly out of sync, AI view switching to wrong AC. Best regards
  25. Hello @ll, as requested, a "multi - select" option has been implemented in the P4AO. You can now select multiple scenery entries at the same time by activating a column of checkboxes in the list. This selection can then be moved up and down with the buttons, and activated/deactivated by doubleclicking on one of the selected entries. As usual, the app is available for download on the Lorby-SI website: http://www.lorby-si.com Best regards
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