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Aviation based movies that just don't get it...

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Number one on my list was "Flightplan".  Although the aircraft cabin, like the A380 was cool, other features, like the hold and some of the verbiage, fell way short of being real. My favorite off phrase in the movie was "deboarding".  Whoever wrote the script had never been on an aircraft, at least in the US, before--"deplaning" is all I ever heard on any airline, foreign or domestic, lol.  Also the way the movie ended--I will leave it at that so as not to drop a spoiler in case someone has been buried with work and has never seen the movie.  That said, I found the movie entertaining because it was fiction, and because it touched on one of my fav subjects, psychobabble, which I have heard in college, from inspirational speakers, and it is something I just love to hate.  When I hear it, I clam up until the speaker(s) wears themselves in a war of attrition.  As sim pilots and real pilots we learn to avoid it, we are polite and succinct with ATC and neither side mixes up or minces words, unless ATC or the pilot is ill.  Speaking of which, and finally, try to read the book "Runway Zero-Eight" if you can find it.  Great aviation book, kind of like Airport 75 but more riveting.


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There are some truly appalling aviation movies on Netflix, which can honestly be described as hilarious if watching with like minded company. Will post back if I can recall specific movies but maybe I should leave them in the dumpster where they belong. One of my favorite being one where a super autopilot is allowed to take full control of its first flight, full of course with VIPs, including the president i think, and then goes full HAL by setting plane on course with a head on collision with another jet 1000 miles away. Which cannot be contacted for some reason and hasn't heard of TCAS. Like I said, hilarious. 

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