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Strange Wind Shifts

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I only have Prepar3d v4 for a few weeks, but I have the following problem.  Sometimes the wind makes strange jumps every second (e.g., from 221 to 231 degrees and back). These shifts will cause the speed tape very erratic and jump around every second. I am using Active Sky as a weather generator, but I notice these jumps also if Active Sky is not loaded.

I made a short video (Active Sky was active in this video), I hope someone has a solution to fix this.



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Your video appears to be accelerated.  It certainly is running faster than 1X simulator speed.

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This is just the way the sim deals with gusts and/or variable winds. I agree the wildly jumping airspeed isn't the most realistic, hopefully it can be smoothed and improved at some point. 

edit, added METAR for reference

METAR EHAM 211325Z 24026G36KT 9999 FEW010 BKN045 12/10 Q0996
           TEMPO 7000 -DZ BKN015=

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It looks like it is worse with the PMDG B737, just tried the new Vertx Diamond DA62 (very impressed by this plane btw) and it handles these jumps way better, the speed tape is much smoother. 
Will make some better recordings tomorrow, but it looks the problem is indeed the way Prepar3d deals with gusty winds.

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