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TFDI 717 - Prepar3d V4.4 Display problems

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Dear Friends at AVSIM,

fist of all - i want to wish you an enjoyable new years celebration with all your families and Friends.

Sorry to bother you, but i've a strange behaviour with the TFDI 717 which don't let me stop thinking since month.

As alreay posted in the TFDI support Forum, i've an Topic with the Displays of their 717 which occurs ONLY in Prepar3D V4.X.

It's strange because i can run it in FSX-Steam, Prepar3D V3.4, etc. - but, if i'm going to fire-up V4.X, no Display works at all.

First of all, i checked simconnect, the MS Redistributables, DirectX, etc. but Nothing helped at all.

Since it's working in FSX and P3D V3.4 - i came to the end that it must come from an Topic which is new with the introcution of Prepar3D V4.X.


Do you have any suggestions for me? Has anyone of you experienced similar Problems with this product?


Clicking onto the tablet has no effect, besides - if i'm klicking 3-4 times in a row, i'm facing a CTD.


Thank you @all and have a NICE Weekend! 🙂



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I had a similar problem with the tablet in Fsx-se few months ago. One of the dev change something in my nVidia inspector profile(sorry I'm a terrible and absolute noob with those things)and after that change my tablet wasn't black anymore. Don't despair they will answer you.



DCS  2.5 - P3DV4 - XPlane11 - IL46 BoX - FSX - Windows 10 64 bit - Corsair One i140 - i7 9700K 3.6Ghz - nVidia GeForce TRX 2080 

Patrick Mussotte

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You may want to try unchecking the "Render displays and annunciators with the graphics card" box in the TFDI Addon Manager. Its' under Customize - performance.


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Has a resolution been found for this issue? I am having the same problem, and I do not have the "Render displays and annunciators with the graphics card" box checked in the add-on manager.

Connor Pack, United States

P3Dv4, ORBX, FS2Crew, GSX, Active Sky v4 + ASCA, PMDG 737, Navigraph Charts + Data, TOPCAT, PFPX, UTLive, FSFX Packages, Flightbeam Airports.



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