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Frank Dhont

Garmin G1000: procedure to resume NAV after traffic avoid.

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Posted (edited)

XP11, Hotstart-TBM900 (Garmin G1000), Pilot2ATC, World Traffic 3.

Presume enroute in GPS NAV mode on an airway from waypoint A to waypoint B, next waypoint C.

Between waypoint A and B, ATC instructs me a lateral deviation to avoid upcoming traffic.

I select HDG mode instead of NAV, and adjust the HDG knob to execute the lateral deviation.

Only after passing abeam waypoint B, ATC instructs me "Clear of traffic".

My question:
How to proceed to resume NAV: which is the most suitable IFR procedure?
- Do I need a Direct-TO towards waypoint C, and just before reaching waypoint C, select NAV to resume?
- Do I need to delete waypoint B, and previous waypoints?
- Do I need to steer in HDG mode on an intercept heading towards leg B-C, and just before interception select NAV?

Thanks for clarifying.

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Posted (edited)

For direct to, just highlight the fix you want to go to then press Dto button then ENT

Alternatively they may ask you to resume own navigation or rejoin an airway.  In that case you need to figure out where you are and highlight the fix you want to end up at.  Then press MENU Activate Leg.  (This is from memory so it might not be the menu button - but activate leg will enable the route between the fix before the one you highlighted and the one you highlighted)

Edit: and yes use HDG mode to intercept this new leg of your flight plan then press NAV when you are close.

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