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  1. After consulting the specs of those aircraft and viewing the video streams of the Challenger, now i'm assured to buy the Hotstart Challenger 650. So thanks, to assure me 🙂
  2. Hello, In Pilot2ATC configuration "Speech", I enabled the Copliot options "Respons to Radio" and "Changes Frequencies". Problem: when changing frequency in Pilot2ATC, the frequencies are not changed in Maddog X. I need to change them manually in the maddog X radio panel, to allow radio communication. Any ideas how to solve this? Regards, Frank
  3. Question is: is this an image from within the simulation (session) itself, or an image from one of the selection menus (eg. intro image, aircraft selection, …? Till now, the "ray-traced" MSFS images seem from selection menus. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for reply. Indeed, using MENU -> "activate leg" to resume NAV after "Clear traffic" works fine. Regards, Frank
  5. XP11, Hotstart-TBM900 (Garmin G1000), Pilot2ATC, World Traffic 3. Presume enroute in GPS NAV mode on an airway from waypoint A to waypoint B, next waypoint C. Between waypoint A and B, ATC instructs me a lateral deviation to avoid upcoming traffic. I select HDG mode instead of NAV, and adjust the HDG knob to execute the lateral deviation. Only after passing abeam waypoint B, ATC instructs me "Clear of traffic". My question: How to proceed to resume NAV: which is the most suitable IFR procedure? - Do I need a Direct-TO towards waypoint C, and just before reaching waypoint C, select NAV to resume? - Do I need to delete waypoint B, and previous waypoints? - Do I need to steer in HDG mode on an intercept heading towards leg B-C, and just before interception select NAV? Thanks for clarifying. Frank
  6. Seasons Greetings,and many smooth flights.FrankEBKT
  7. Hi David,Many thanks for the InfoMetar update.Nice to hear that Fly2 is working well on Your PC.All the Best,Frank
  8. Hi Fonchy,Since I switched from win 2000 to win xp, I had the same problem.Adobe photoshop cannot load TGA files of large size (> 1 GB).It can save the large files as TGA.Adobe photoshop accepts TIF files larger than 1 GB.Then You can save them as TGA.If You could convert the large TGA file into TIF, then adobe photoshop can load them.I have no idea if convertor from TGA to TIF exist.All the best with the nice Madrid scenery.Best Regards,Frank
  9. Hi Bart and everyoneI'm still FLYing.Take care,Frank
  10. All the best for the year 2007, and many congratulations Harald with Your JAA-Flightexamer license.(Should be benefical in a later stage for beta testing Fly! Legacy :))Frank
  11. Merry Christmas to all,Zalig kerstfeest aan iedereen,Have nice flight,Frank
  12. Hello, RogerI'm using PCI-Express video card with Fly!2 since 1 year, and can confirm it works fine and fluid (enough fps)Video card Nvidia 6800 (256 MB ram) Pentium 4 3,4Ghz Cheers,Frank
  13. So many thanks Laurent for informing.Nice to hear about Fly!Legacy accepting already DLL's.All the best with the Fly!Legacy development.Cheers,Frank
  14. Hello Laurent,Many thanks for sharing the dll to keep us Flying and Googling.Also, so nice to hear that the Fly!Legacy works are continuing, and will benefit from this dll.Best Regards,Frank
  15. Hello Laurent,Many thanks for the Fly! Legacy development progress report.All those nice Fly!2 addons deserve a future home base, as computers will evolve in time.All the best to the development team,FrankEBKT
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