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GSX Refuelling changes Payload fields

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I have GSX plus the second module and when I request a fuel load for my Carenado PC-12 and Xtreme Solutions Learjet 25 a strange thing is happening.

The fuel is being loaded but the payload fields are being changed by GSX. It's being investigated by Umberto but I wonder if others could check if it's happening to their aircraft.

Just request a fuel load and check your payload fields before and after the fuel has finished being loaded.

For the technical, you can monitor ZFW (Basic Weight + Payload) as follows. This value should not change because fuel is not part of ZFW. This is for my Lear 25...

  • Monitor the Zero Fuel Weight of the aircraft in FSUIPC5 Logging using 3BFC Type S32. Display to Title Bar. Divide value by 256 to get ZFW in lbs.
  • Before requesting fuel the value was 1955840. Divided by 256 = 7640. That's Empty Weight + Payload. Payload was 0 with no crew or pax.
  • After requesting 1496lbs of fuel that value changed to 2475584. Divide by 256 and you get 9670.
  • 9670 = Empty Weight of 7640 plus payload of 2030.

But I never changed the payload. GSX did. Please report back if it does the same on your aircraft. Some with specialist fuel loading may not be affected.

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Hi Ray,

I experimented with it with default P3D 4.4 and RealAir aircraft and confirmed your findings. GSX appears to reset the payload settings to whatever the aircraft defaults to. For example in the piston Duke, the default is two 170lb passengers and 30lbs of baggage. If I set it to one 150lb person (the pilot) and 60lbs of baggage but 10% fuel, then call GSX's refueling truck, it properly fills the fuel tanks to whatever percentage I requested but then resets back to two 170lb passengers and 30lbs baggage.

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Thanks @molleh, that’s very good of you. I’ll link this topic to my post on the GSX forum.

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