Help with rotation speeds on Version 2

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Hello everyone:


I am enjoying learning this aircraft - I purchased it once I saw that it was at Version 2  and had the F1 GTN integration.  I think I have figured out most aspects of normal operation.


However, I am struggling getting this plane to rotate at the proper reference speeds.  I have flaps at 20 degrees per what I understand to be SOP, and for example I had a flight just now where I was at about 13900 lbs weight and around 35F ambient temps at Ketchikan - I set N1 at around 99 (I believe that is takeoff power called for in the tables) and she accelerated nicely.  However, when I pull on the yoke at 93 knots (which is supposed to be Vr if I am reading things right), nothing happens. It takes another 15-20 knots of speed before the aircraft will finally lift off.

Climb and cruise proceeds as normal, and approach and landing seems straightforward as well.  But I am struggling with rotation.


I have checked and the center of gravity appears to be within limits, at least according to the P3D tool.  It also does not appear that I have speed brakes deployed or anythng like that. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?  Is my takeoff N1 correct (I don't slam the throttles full forward or anything, even though I could push N1 over 100 if I wanted to - my understanding is that is not SOP?)

Any help would be appreciated!


- Kevin

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