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Hi @albar965 @Lorby_SI,

I am wondering if it would be possible to configure Little Navmap and/or FirefighterX in such a way that fire information from Firefighter X (say, location/s and fire-ground perimeter/size and any other relevant info) can be displayed on the Navmap?

It would be a nice option over running an additional program i.e. Google Earth (a feature of FirefighterX) alongside the sim, Navmap and FirefighterX.

My educated guess was that any AI spawned by FirefighterX would be depicted, and they are. Both Helis and Fixed Wing are depicted on the Little Navmap display with an "FFXAI-" tag, the aircraft type and flight info.

It seems like all that's left is the fire depiction. 

Do either of you incredible innovators think it might be possible, as a joint effort or from one end or another, to represent the fire information also?

Since you both share the Avsim forums I thought I'd ask you together... I hope that's ok. Whether it's more of a Firefighter X subject or Little Nav Map subject, I'm not sure, so I flipped a coin and posted the topic here!

Best regards,

Andrew H-G

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Hi Andrew,

what does the tab "AI / Multiplayer" in window "Simulator Aircraft" show?

You can copy and paste the formatted text directly in the forum here. No need for a screenshot. Click into text field and Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C. That puts the contents into the clipboard.




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Hi Alex,


Thanks for taking the time!


With Little Navmap running, Firefighter X running, my user aircraft parked and a dispatched S-70 Firehawk (via Firefighter X), this is what the "AI / Multiplayer" in window "Simulator Aircraft" reads:


"No AI or multiplayer aircraft selected.
Found 32 AI or multiplayer aircraft."


On selecting the S70 Firehawk AI displayed on the map, this is then what it reads:


  27072 - helicopter, Blackhawk  Map


AI / Multiplayer Helicopter - 1 of 31 Vehicles



Flight Number:












4,998 ft


4,998 ft



75 kts


84 kts

True Airspeed:

83 kts




128 fpm



37.0471° S 147.4017° E

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there are two ways to do this:

  1. Use SimConnect (RequestDataOnSimobjectType) to query all simobjects, check for the word "FFXFire" in their title string, followed by "Small, Medium, Large, Huge" to denote the size of that fire elemental. Then use their lat/lon to display them with an icon corresponding to their size. Be mindful that there is a second set of fire elementals that have the word "Light" attached at the end of the title string.
  2. Parse the KMZ file that FFX creates when the GoogleEarth mode is active.

The fires in FFX evolve, so it is necessary to do this in a recurring process (every 10 seconds?) and watch out for fire objects no longer being there. Furthermore, a fire can be constructed from hundreds of elementals of the four different sizes, so a map can become cluttered eventually.

Best regards

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Hi Oliver,

thank you for the information. This helps a lot.

I added your comment to this issue and assigned it to the next big 2.4 release:
But not promise if I can keep it there.

The code I use for parsing KML is not very reliable. What you propose as number 1 seems to be the best solution.



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