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  1. Thankyou @Jethro, it may have helped, at a glance.... I will have to do a bit more flying to be sure. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and has any info or possible solution. The problem is that when I switch to the "Outside View: Locked Spot" (usually f11 for me) the view has to catch up to whatever aircraft I am flying. I think it starts at or near when I last used the view so it could be several thousands or hundreds of kilometers. It is all blurry at the start and the camera view is physically chasing across land and/or sea after my aircraft until it catches up to it. I never had this issue with FSX boxed edition but for the past year or two of using FSX-SE extensively it has been a problem. Any suggestions? Thanks, Andrew
  3. St. Helena Island (FHSH) airport

    So, it sounds like the first flight landed today 8/5/17. Saw a news article online and thought WOW that looks like an interesting airport! It's great to see that someone has already hoped on board with getting scenery done, well done @csharpe
  4. Best helicopter for FSX?

    Have a look into the aircraft that Milviz did with Nemeth Designs.... Nemeth Design has quite a few of their own too. There is about four of them that Milviz and Nemeth Designs did. I have no real world experience so I have no real clue about flight dynamics but if your after great VC's and over all detail they are basicaly at the level of Cerasim. I wish A2A could to a chopper. It would be imposible to go past it!