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Is there a way to configure the GTN 750s to save their configurations on a per-aircraft basis?  For example, in the A2A Bonanza I have the 750 set up to remind me to switch the fuel tanks every 15 minutes.  Such a reminder is not necessary in the Lancair Legacy, but it shows up there as well.  If I remove it from the Legacy, it also gets removed in the Bonanza.  There are other config options I'd like to have on a per-aircraft basis, such as my user-selected data fields, map page settings, and screen brightness, among others I'm sure.

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Hi Cody,

This is interesting an idea. I think there are other things to take care of regarding settings too. As the product matures, it's clearer settings management is a necessity. It is always a balance between newcomers experience, old-timers advanced requirements, aircraft specifics and fleet agnosticism, while at the same time making it easy to backup, share and restore.

The single ini file approach has many advantages but doesn't solve everything and we can see whenever we're asking for the ini file on the forum, it is a long list of entries most not used nor changed.

Our last update is now capable of handling default settings, and this is flexible to accommodate adding a few more features. We'll also address the 'length' of the settings file in the next update with an approach which is easy to handle.

Now what you're asking for is GTN or GNS V2 specific. With our technology and knowledge we can certainly do what you're asking for and even more than this. These configuration settings are stored in the device non-volatile memory by the way, so manually managing a set of sys_nand# files will certainly help you address this for now.

I'd suggest you compile a list of such highly aircraft specific device configuration settings, that is those which are most likely adjusted to particularly fit such and such aircraft. Could you compile this list and send me a PM for it?

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Sure thing.  Next time I fly with the GTN, I'll try to remember to make a list of some of the things I come across that might benefit from such a feature.  I don't know the limits of this, so I will apologize in advance for things that have no relation to my question.  It's great to hear that it's at least theoretically feasible!

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