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  1. It sounds crazy, and is most likely not possible, but I think it would be pretty cool if the GTN could somehow integrate with or control Spotify. The Services > Music page of course would have to allow for such control. Song and Artist name fields are self explanatory. The Category field could display the folder name of the current playlist. Channel Name could display the playlist name. The presets along the bottom could be set to jump to specific playlists. The Browse button would allow users to browse all their playlists. Is this something even remotely possible to pull off?
  2. I've noticed a similar issue in the A2A Bonanza. My RNAV glide paths don't capture and the APPR & CPLD indicators on the autopilot annunciator panel flash rapidly and eventually extinguish. So far all the ILS approaches I've attempted have worked great, however. Here's a video demonstrating what I'm seeing. Maybe that will help? Edit: Actually in the video I linked, it looks like the glide path captured, but the approach course did not. Either way, this happens on all my flights except on ILS approaches.
  3. Sure thing. Next time I fly with the GTN, I'll try to remember to make a list of some of the things I come across that might benefit from such a feature. I don't know the limits of this, so I will apologize in advance for things that have no relation to my question. It's great to hear that it's at least theoretically feasible!
  4. Is there a way to configure the GTN 750s to save their configurations on a per-aircraft basis? For example, in the A2A Bonanza I have the 750 set up to remind me to switch the fuel tanks every 15 minutes. Such a reminder is not necessary in the Lancair Legacy, but it shows up there as well. If I remove it from the Legacy, it also gets removed in the Bonanza. There are other config options I'd like to have on a per-aircraft basis, such as my user-selected data fields, map page settings, and screen brightness, among others I'm sure.
  5. As far as I'm aware, the only A2A aircraft that natively supports the RXP version of the GTN 750 is the Bonanza. Are you able to select the F1 GTN 750 in your A2A C172 and Comanche configurators? If so, select that one even if you don't own it. Then, once loaded into the sim, use the RXP GTN menu within the sim's Addons menu to replace the F1 version with the RXP one. I did that in my A2A C182 and it worked great. Then again I upgraded from the F1 version to the RXP, so I do own and have installed both of those GTNs.
  6. They're two separate licenses to use them in both sims. There are four products: GTN 750 for FSX/P3D, GTN 750 for X-Plane, GTN 650 for FSX/P3D, and GTN 650 for X-Plane. Whichever of those you purchased, you are allowed to use up to two of those units in each aircraft. In other words: I have purchased only the GTN 750 for FSX/P3D, so I can have two GTN 750s in my RealAir Lancair Legacy, two in my Ant's Eaglet, etc. To use them in both P3D and X-Plane, you will need to purchase each one separately. So unfortunately no, they can't be used cross-platform. Since you're considering all the various GPS units available in the sim, I will say this: The MS units (as I understand it) do NOT use Garmin's trainer software, so they're just approximations of the real-world units. F1's GTNs DO use the trainer software, so they aren't approximations, they're the real deal. But, they are several trainer versions behind Reality XP's, so they don't have the newer nav database, VNAV or visual approach functionalities. They're also MUCH slower to update their gauge. RXP's support is so much more responsive. After having switched from the F1 version myself, I haven't looked back. The RXP ones perform SO much better and are much easier to set up in my opinion because you don't have to restart your sim to make changes to the config. Keep in mind also that any aircraft that is compatible with F1's GTNs are also compatible with Reality XP's because of their ability to automatically detect and replace the F1 gauges in the sim. I have yet to find an aircraft that the RXP one doesn't work with. Hope that helps!
  7. Sorry I'm just now getting back to you. I just tried it with the default Mooney Bravo and its CDI does the same thing. I saw another report of this issue and your response that it has been fixed internally, however. 🙂 Thanks!
  8. Now I've reloaded my sim, and so far (knock on wood) it hasn't crashed again. The CDI is still swinging around, but if I disconnect the GTN from the HSI/CRS output via the config window, it stops swinging as I'd expect. I was able to capture video of this behavior if you'd like to see it. I also got to thinking that it may not be a GTN problem, but perhaps an A2A problem. Do you think this could be the case as well?
  9. I just updated my RXP GTN 750 install to the newly-released 2.5.8 version. While on v2.5.7 I had no stability issues, but on my first flight attempt, I got a CTD just after starting to taxi out to the runway. I chose the A2A Bonanza and my flight plan was KZZV LORES V115 ZUTIV KYNG with the RNAV 14, OTNOE transition loaded at KYNG. One thing I noticed as I started to taxi was the that CDI on the HSI was swinging around seemingly randomly to various courses. It did this several times before I experienced the CTD. Not sure if that has anything to do with the crash, but I definitely never had that happen before updating to the new version. I also updated my Garmin Trainer software to 6.50.1. If there's anything else I can do to help or more info is needed, do let me know. Thanks in advance!
  10. Another quick question, sorry. If I open the Traffic page on the GTN Trainer, it gives me an interactive display where I can click on a target and get info about it. In the sim, there is no such display. It's just a normal TCAS display. I am unable to click on any targets to get their relevant information. Is this a bug or working as intended? GTN Trainer Traffic Display: https://i.imgur.com/WoB5ULE.png In-sim Traffic Display: https://i.imgur.com/qZk6TlF.png On another note, I was flying offline when I took that in-sim screenshot, and I have no AI traffic enabled. It was showing some traffic directly ahead of me. My sim crashed when selecting an aircraft, so maybe that's just an artifact from that. I don't think the crash was GTN-related.
  11. Another question, this time about item #1. I've opened the INI file and I see the entries you're talking about. The comments state to use GPS_PANEL or 225, but the window ident in the panel config file is something like 14401 and 14402. Are those the numbers I use or do I actually just use 225 to enable the ability to close the popup window for each unit?
  12. Thanks for the reply. For #2, would it not be possible for the config utility to record those aircraft in which you've added the GTN, then display a menu that shows those aircraft and allow you to choose to import the settings of each of the GTN installations independently? In other words, lets say I've configured two GTN 750s in my RealAir Lancair Legacy. If I were to want to configure another GTN 750 in some other aircraft, I could load that plane and open the GTN setup as usual. Except while setting up the GTN initially, and/or when configuring it after it has been installed to the panel, I can select from a drop-down menu my RealAir Lancair Legacy aircraft, and then choose which of the two GTN 750 units to copy settings from. The utility could then fetch the INI files and copy the necessary entries into the current aircraft's config file and display the changed settings, allowing me to review the changes before applying them. Just a thought, and maybe it isn't possible. Maybe this explanation will help, who knows 🙂 As for #3, I have yet to look at the INI file to see the other options. And I'll definitely check out the Garmin manuals, thanks! And referring to #5, I probably just missed this option as I was messing around with the GTNs late at night. Sorry about that!
  13. First things first. The RXP GTN 750 is so far absolutely amazing in just about every aspect. I asked some questions a few weeks ago before purchasing and the answers I received led me to purchase it today. Now that I've had a bit of a play around with it, I have a couple other questions, and a comment or two, if I may. Is there a clickspot to close the 2D popup window? Unless I'm missing it, I've had to either click the spot in the VC that opens the 2D window to close it again, or right-click the 2D popup to choose Close Window in the menu. A clickspot on the 2D window itself would be very handy. I read in the manual that you can import another aircraft's configuration by dragging and dropping its INI file onto the in-sim setup window. That's a nice feature, but it would be nice to have an option in the setup window to select another aircraft in which the RXP GTN has been installed and import that configuration directly without having to mess with Windows File Explorer and whatnot. Just a quality-of-life thing, really. Is there an explanation somewhere of what each of the configuration options do exactly? I'm not an avionics installer so I don't really know what V-Flag Declutter and a few of the other options actually do. I've turned some of those settings on and off and noticed nothing different. I feel if I had those options explained in the manual or something I would know what to look for. The ability to configure the GTNs within the sim is genius. The less I have to reload the sim, the better. And your configuration utility does it beautifully! I noticed that when I remove the RXP GTNs from an aircraft, the setup tool doesn't restore the panel config from the backup it made. Is this intended? I had to manually restore it by renaming the RXP backup file, which in all honesty isn't at all difficult to do of course. Just another one of those quality-of-life things. The performance of the RXP GTN compared to the competitor's version is incredible. Theirs would lag around when zooming and panning (at least on my machine). The RXP version has no such lag. It's quite the difference! I'm sure as time goes on and I play with it more, I'll continue to learn new things, which might bring about some new questions from me (sorry in advance!). Thanks once again for such an amazing tool!
  14. @fppilot Thanks for all the great info. I've downloaded the newest trainer software on another PC and messed around a bit with it. I'm most impressed by the new visual approach guidance capabilities as well as the new VNAV functionality. I love the presentation of altitude constraints and the TOD/BOD markers along my route. I have another question I meant to ask. Is it capable of RNP approaches? The website says it's capable of following the next-gen radius-to-fix legs which makes me think it would be. The F1 GTN removes all RNP approaches in their version.
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