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  1. I decided to try out SLX after seeing all the things it could do and seeing some of the good reviews it was getting. I installed it, pointed it to my P3D v4 install and off I went. I noticed that after installing the program, my sim ran far less smooth than it once had before having installed it, so I poked around my Prepar3d.cfg file to find that it made changes without my knowledge. Luckily I had a backup and reverted to that. After realizing the changes it made, I decided to uninstall SLX because there was nothing that said it would edit my config or even make a backup before doing so. It did indeed make a backup, though it was a backup of its own changes instead of a backup of what my config was before it made any changes. That being said, ever since I uninstalled SLX and reverting the config changes, my sim still runs noticeably rougher than it previously had and does some very odd things. Does SLX make any other changes? If so, what are they, and how can I revert those changes? How can I get my sim to be exactly as it was prior to installing SLX? Thanks.
  2. Clorix

    How to make knobs scroll faster?

    No need to click, just put your mouse over the knob and start scrolling.
  3. Clorix

    How to make knobs scroll faster?

    Use your mouse scrollwheel and after a few consecutive scrolls you'll see it change faster.
  4. Ok, I'll definitely do that. I just got through with a very quick and dirty flight around Innsbruck just to make sure I wasn't missing anything and the VSD never showed terrain. I was starting to think I had forgotten something and was going crazy haha.
  5. Here's how it looks at LOWI facing the mountain. edit: I also noticed that when I bring up the VSD for the first time, the same performance issue crops up for a few seconds, then settles itself again.
  6. You know, I think I saw that post and stopped reading because of the mention of the DC-6 haha. Ok, scratch one off my list. Apologies!
  7. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like, with the left vertical scale including zero.
  8. In P3D v4.1 with the latest NGX update (v1.20.8465), I have a couple issues that a fresh install of the aircraft didn't solve. 1. My captain side PFD doesn't have a clickspot to pop it out into its own window. All other display clickspots work just fine. I've tried opening the PFD by going to Vehicle>Instrument Panel>Zoomed Left Outboard DU, but upon clicking that, the window appears to flash quickly, then disappear. 2. The VSD will not show any terrain although the ND itself does, so I'm assuming that means the terrain data is loaded, just that the VSD shows nothing. 3. When I open any 2D panel for the first time in a session, the sim will lag for a few seconds and then everything's fine again afterwards, even after having closed and reopened that 2D window. I've done some searching here but couldn't find anything that fit the descriptions of my issues. Thanks in advance!
  9. Clorix

    Muskogee, OK to Poteau, OK

    It's a nice area to fly around, the Arkansas River Valley! Lived there all my life, between the Ozarks and the Ouachitas. One cool little note about a couple of your screenshots: Cavanal Mountain is actually technically a hill... but not just ANY ol' hill. It's the tallest hill in the world! From the link: "Cavanal Hill is boasted as the world's highest hill at 1,999 ft above the surrounding terrain." Apparently, 2,000 ft or higher above surrounding terrain and it'd be promoted, but no such luck for our little big hill Very nice shots! I fly around here in the sim ALL the time!
  10. Clorix

    what does this mean in this flightplan

    My guess would be possibly your scheduled arrival time at LEMG? I tried looking it up but didn't find anything =/
  11. Thanks for this PTA tool! It seems to be pretty powerful for getting things to look good! The only issue I seem to have with it is when I have the Curves custom shader enabled with the mode set to 0 (Luma), all the lights in the sim have black centers in them. Is this because of something like over-exposure, or is it something to do with the shader? In the daytime, it affects the sun as well. At night, all my Orbx street lights have this black center in them. It's MUCH more noticeable when you're close to the lights (when landing, for example) and it's really distracting. See images here: I know some might say just disable the Curves shader, but I like the contrast it provides, hence why I'm using it in Luma mode (it's the default mode for it, anyway). Thanks in advance for help!
  12. Commenting to follow. I seem to have a similar issue in FSX. It's especially noticeable when zooming in to the clouds quite a bit. My FPS could go from ~30 right down to about 3 or 4.
  13. The search bar works again! Just decided to try it on a whim and it worked!
  14. Clorix

    Nav Data Out Of Date

    When flying, do you have your sim time set outside the AIRAC effective dates? Perhaps that could cause that message to show.
  15. Any news on this? The search in the top right still isn't working, but the advanced search does, so it isn't that big a deal. Just an extra step :smile: