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FFX Dispatch of AI (multiple)

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Hi Oliver,

I have had FFX for a while but only recently started getting right into it.


I am having an issue with FFX and AI aircraft dispatch.

I have read in the manual that aircraft can get stuck on the ground when the flight plan to a fire is too long. However, I am able to dispatch a single aircraft (any) to the fire-ground no problems. Starting Parked, it taxis from parking, pauses at the holding point of the runway, before taxiing out and taking off.

But for any aircraft dispatched after the first one, they all get stuck at the holding point to the runway.

Deleting them obviously removes them but a new dispatch results in the same outcome, stuck at the holding point.

From the Manual:

"5.11.11 Stuck AI planes
AI planes may get stuck, circling seemingly forever or not departing from
the runway at all. Best option then is to delete them, as they may not
If an AI plane does not depart, this means an error has occurred with its
waypoint list – you will have to change Settings before you try again. The
most common problem is sending out AI planes over large distances (20
miles or more) and letting them fly AGL. This results in a list of thousands
of calculated waypoints, that the simulator just cannot cope with. In that
case, uncheck AGL and let them fly at MSL altitude, this reduces the
waypoint list to manageable proportions

How do I uncheck or check AGL or MSL Altitude? This, I am yet to try as I can't seem to find it anywhere in FFX. When configuring an aircraft to dispatch I can see AI Cruise MSL Altitude, Initial AGL Altitude and Drop Altitude AGL, but that is it.

Really appreciate any feedback or help that you can suggest.

Best regards,

Andrew H-G

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where do they get stuck exactly? The issue described in the manual would make them stop on the runway, right before they start accelerating to take off. And does it happen on every airport?

If they get stuck at the holding point before entering the runway, that is still inside the sims internal logic, and should have nothing to do with FFX. These things are usually caused by the user aircraft being in the way somewhere, errors in the taxiway layout or ATC issues.

When you dispatch an AI you should have three different options how it flies to the fire. One is MSL, one is AGL and one uses a flightplan. What version of FFX are you using?

If you have more complex issues like this one, please contact me directly, using the email address on the last page of the manual.

Best regards

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