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For about a month now I have been having terrible issues with vPilot (which used to be working fine). Basically, what happens are:

1. Constant disconnects from the Vatsim servers no matter which server I choose. The error message is: "Network error. The server has failed to respond to the authentication challenge. Disconnected from the network." (I have double checked my Vatsim status and my account is current).

2. Whenever I start vPilot (on the same computer as the sim itself) I get a stutter-fest and peppered with long and short pauses. I usually just fly two aircraft while online (FSL A320 and the PMDG T7). The heavily degraded performance happens with both. If I disconnect from the network I'm back to my usual smooth experience. It's as if vPilot claims a huge chunk of CPU cycles for itself. Never used to be a problem before and I haven't changed anything in my sim. Graphics drivers are the tried and trusted 376.33 version. I tested with the latest drivers but saw no improvement and possibly a bit more of a load on the system.

Any ideas what may be causing this as flying on Vatsim is virtually impossible for me now. IVAO does not seem to have similar issues.



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