How to determine what datarefs are tied to each switch

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Does anyone know of a plugin that displays the dataref name that is being manipulated in real time, like datarefs directly tied to a switch/knob/dial?  I'm trying to find a way to basically:

Click switch X and see a popup of the dataref that's tied to it.


This would make it hard to screw up mapping keyboard shortcuts to the wrong dataref or guessing until you get the correct one.  Most of the time it's really obvious and easy to assign a keyboard shortcut to a given knob, but occasionally not, especially in the case where there's no documentation or description or used datarefs.

I've tried using the built in data output in X-Plane 11, but sometimes the readouts still don't display the dataref I'm trying to hunt down.  I've also used DataRefEditor but it's almost useless in terms of what I'm trying to quickly accomplish.

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Either use DataRefTool ( ) or open the cockpit's OBJ files with Notepad and find the switch's dataref directly (provided it has been appropriately named by the author).

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