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This is the release candidate for a small update which also fixes a few bugs. The manual and translations are not updated yet.

Please report any issues with the new flight plan export formats since I could not test these with the real aircraft or tools.
Also let me know the default destination paths for the various aircraft or tools since I have no information on these.

Notable changes are:

  • Key shortcuts in menu Window -> Shortcuts to have quick access to search, flight plan, map and more.
  • Several new flight plan export formats.

Windows - macOS - Linux

>> Alternative download location at Dropbox <<

>> Alternative download location at <<


This release contains small bugfixes, new keyboard shortcuts and more flight plan export formats.

Changes from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4.rc1

Flight Plan Export

  • Added saving and loading of FlightGear XML flight plans (.fgfp) also covering SID and STAR. #361
  • MDX flight plan export for Leonardo Maddog X added. #232
  • Added RTE flight plan export for QualityWings aircraft. #335
  • Export for AivlaSoft EFB (.efbr version 1 - currently no SID and STAR). #226
  • Added saving of PNG or JPG map images for AviTab to file menu. Includes JSON calibration file. #310
  • Added flight plan export for online networks including dialog for additional data. #317 (vPilot) and #176 (IVAP, X-IVAP)
  • Added FPL flight plan export for FeelThere aircraft. #206
  • New flight plan export for Level-D (.rte). #206
  • Adapted flight plan file type detection to new formats and improved it for drag and drop loading. Files are now accepted for dropping/loading independent of file extension.
  • Now automatically suggesting a numbered filename if file already exists when exporting or using Save as.
  • Reorganized export flight plan menu items for better overview.


  • Fixed issue where MORA data was displayed only with Navigraph data enabled. Now always shown independent of selection. #331
  • Changed taxiway color for better visibility against light backgrounds.
  • Added taxiway colors and pens to little_navmap_mapstyle.ini to allow configuration.
  • Logbook userpoint icon now displayed using an offset from airport icon to avoid covering the airport symbol. Hotspot of logbook userpoint is now top left of the symbol. #366
  • Now disabling text in MORA display if it gets too small to avoid garbled up display.
  • Fixed display issues with procedure legs.

Flight Plan

  • Fixed issue where selecting a parking position as departure resulted in zero cruising altitude in flight plan.
  • Now displaying simulator type in information window for online network clients.

Scenery Library

  • Airports with open helipads and closed runways are now considered open.
  • Now considering helipads for rating calculation for airports.
  • Fixed issue with error messages when loading OpenAIR files with missing airspace class. Now omitting only the invalid airspaces instead of the whole file.
  • Now looking for registry keys in a case insensitive manner to avoid problems where FSX or P3D could not be found.

User Interface

  • Added function key shortcuts in menu Window -> Shortcuts to have quick access to search, flight plan, map and more. #364
  • Added links to well known directory Documents/Little Navmap Files/ICAO for airport information. Links to all included files are shown if the path exists for an airport with the given ICAO ident. The path is locale sensitive, e.g. in German Dokumente/Little Navmap Dateien/ICAO. This depends on completeness of the translation. Try both variants (Files vs. your system language) if in doubt. Clicking on a link opens the file in the default editor or viewer of the system.
  • Fixed wrong test in options dialog for online status.txt file. Now looking for the correct values to verify the file.
  • Default folder is now the simulator base path when selecting exclusions in the options dialog.
  • Fixed issue where date display used 12 hour time without AM/PM indicator. Now always using 24 hour time for UTC time display.
  • Moved all context menus a few pixels off the cursor to avoid accidental selection on touchpads or some mice.
  • Fixed issues with missing weather updates when switching airport weather.
  • Options/Language override in settings file now fixed for online help and legend loading.
  • Made METAR parser more tolerant for invalid temperature values not separated by a /.

related from Little Xpconnect version 1.0.13

  • Fixed issue with AI detection where aircraft remained on map moving along with the user aircraft after deleting AI in simulator.

All files are checked by VirusTotal.

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Hi Albar

I have downloaded and installed.  I successfully created a flight plan  from ESSA to ENGM, and imported it into the BAe146 FMC of Quality WIngs.  I haven't had a chance to fly it yet.  But many thx for the update



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Installed and runs like a charm ..Thanks

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