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  1. Hi Albar I have downloaded and installed. I successfully created a flight plan from ESSA to ENGM, and imported it into the BAe146 FMC of Quality WIngs. I haven't had a chance to fly it yet. But many thx for the update Nigel Vancouver
  2. I cannot get a LittleNavMap .RTE file to show in the FMC of my P3D4 QualityWings Bae 146 - it is in the QW FlightPlan folder along with my other .RTE files prepared within the FMC or SimBrief flight plans, which all show. Are the LNM .RTE files only for PMDG aircraft? Nigel Vancouver
  3. Hi dukeav What a great program you have produced, I stumbled across it by accident and have found it to be very effective. I have 69 AI entries over and above the ORBx ones and your program increased my performance by about 5-6fps at CYVR (FSDT). I am using P3Dv3. I think your program is so important is there any way you can publicise it more or upload it to some of the flightsimming download sites? Regards Nigel Vancouver
  4. Captain Pero - good news! Does the Aerosoft site have an English translation, and how is my previous donation incorporated into the purchase? Nigel Vancouver
  5. Hi Captain Pero and Michael I have still been having a few problems but think that I have solved most of them, but I would appreciate your comments. As before, the JumpStart window is higher than the screen height and initially I could scroll down and find the FlyAway button. But as before, with use, the window becomes bigger and I can no longer scroll down as far as the FlyAway Button, it is hidden below the screen edge. This is not a problem since I don’t see me using JumpStart top start FSX, but it could be a problem for others. However, I did have some minor problems with modifying my “Test” scenery.cfg. When I loaded the “Test” profile, the “Test” scenery.cfg file in FSX was as planned; but later when I wanted to de-activate or activate a scenery layer within this “Test” scenery.cfg (using Scenery Manager, under the third tab “Modify Scenery Sets”), I could only retain this action if I highlighted another scenery layer when clicking the “Apply” button? If I clicked the “Apply” button when the changed layer was highlighted, it undid my change(s). This is very convoluted and I hope you can understand what I am saying; it is quite complicated and difficult to simplify! Regards Nigel
  6. Hi Captain Pero and Michael Thx for all your help which has me up and running, and I think I now have a reasonable understanding of what is happening. However I have some presumptions that I would like to have confirmed and a basic question for you. · Firstly, one cannot edit the scenery.cfg file directly since it automatically feeds back into the scenery.cfg used by SIMstarter? When investigating a problem, I often delete blocks of the scenery.cfg file to try and isolate the scenery causing the problem. I tried that and all my entries in SIMstarter were likewise screwed up!! · Consequently, I have created a profile called TEST and associated it with a scenery.cfg file that I also call test. Is there any way I can de-activate a block of scenery files at one time, rather than de-activating the files one at a time? I tried using the shift key to highlight a block of sceneries but it only allows de-activation of the first scenery I click. · It appears I have to use FTXCentral each time I change a region and the reminder comes up each time I start another profile? Incidentally, I have five regions, ie scenery sets – global, North and Central America, Europe and Asia, Oceania, Africa, plus my test set. · I notice that when I start a profile, the boot stops at the Settings page, and when I go the Free Flights page, it is showing the selected default flight – no problem for me as I can load the flight I want from the Load selection menu on the Free Flight page. · My big question is how do I install new scenery – does my scenery.cfg have to be set at the global set, which would mean the new scenery would be picked up by SIMstarter; then within SIMstarter would that new scenery be automatically picked up by the other scenery sets? Your help is much appreciated Regards Nigel
  7. I downloaded SIMstarter 2.7.4 yesterday, and I am having problems getting started. I have configured the program as suggested but some anomalies are showing up. I initially installed it through the zip file, eventually deleted it and I have now installed it with the executable file from the web site. The JumpStart window is higher than the screen height and initially I can scroll down and find the FlyAway button. But after a while with the zip installation, the window became bigger and I could no longer scroll down to the FlyAway Button, it is hidden below the screen edge – that was when I uninstalled the zip version. I have made a North American scenery set and when I open JumpStart and click the flyaway button with the North America scenery set (using “use SIMStarter Scenery.cfg”), an unaltered Profile 1, and one of my saved flights, FSX starts up but retains the Master scenery set. As the flash screen comes up, a configuration table flashes in the background and the entry to change the scenery.cfg file is greyed out. So FSX is still using the Master scenery set. When I click the icon to the right on the Profile Bar, I get an error message shown in the attached screen shot. (Sorry but I am unable to post the screen shot, I have even been having difficulties in copying/pasting my text into this message, I am a very experienced computer user and cannot figure this latter one out!). The error message starts: "unhandled exception has occurred...............conversion from string xxx to type "Double" is not valid" Any idea what is going on? Any help to resolve it would be greatly appreciated. Regards Nigel Vancouver ps I am using DirectX10 and upgrade Windows10 64bit
  8. Hi FMI don't know whether this is of any value to you, but I have just deleted my fsx.cfg and allowed it to rebuild, ie a default version with no tweaks. I have added back in gauges as required and AI aircraft. I have SP1 and SP2, and I think the graphics are quite a bit better than with my previous much modified fsx.cfg. There are no blurries at all, the scenery looks good. Before I was at 1280x960 16bit, and the 16bit was necessary to remove the blurries. Now I am at 1280x960 32 bit and there are no blurries so this has all been quite positive. However there is a bit of a slump in frame rates, but there was when I installed SP2 previously. I may try a tweak or two to help the fps but overall I am very pleased.NigelVancouverMy System:Intel Core2 Duo E6400Gigabyte GA 965G DS3 mobo Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950XT video card PCI-e 512MB2GB Transcend 800Mhz DDR2 RAMMaxtor 80GB 7200rpm hard driveMaxtor 200GB 7200rpm hard driveWestern Digital 250GB 7200rpm hard driveCreative Sound Blaster Live! with latest driversNEC FE950+ crt monitorCHProducts USB yoke and pedalsWindows XP Home edition with SP2DirectX 9.0©Silverstone Olympia 650W power supply with 54A on 12v single railFive case fans
  9. This is what I got off a forum, can't remember which nor the author, but you have to do these assignments in the Standard.XML file - works like a charm for me. Hope it helps.NigelVancouver**************************************************************This is what I pasted into my Standard.XML to get gear up/down functions assigned to buttons 4 and 5 respectively.- 4GEAR_UP- 5GEAR_DOWN- 6FLAPS_DECR- 7FLAPS_INCRButtons 6 and 7 should already look like this in your file.
  10. I have now decided to divest myself of FS9 and move solely to FSX. I want to port over some of the good FS9 addon airports, where this can be done. Several I have found look very good in FSX where the various textures are compatible. As an example, with the Freez Zurich I have managed to exclude the FSX default airport buildings with an XML exclude file, except for the default control tower. (I also want to convert the ISD Milan Airport, which appears to have similar issues
  11. The X1950 series are power hungry, go look at my messages at the CTD forum, you need lots of amps on the 12v railNigel
  12. I suspect your PSU is inadequate, look for my messages at the CTD forum where it is explainedNigelVancouver
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