CH Eclipse Yoke Axis Calibration Issue

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Good evening. I'm coming back to P3D after few month hiatus and am having an issue with the rudder paddle (labeled "Z rotation" in the windows game controller test window; "RZ axis" in P3D) on my CH Eclipse Yoke.  In P3D with multiple aircraft, I noticed the rudder was deflecting full left when I would turn the aileron (X axis) near full left.  I tried to correct the issue by resetting the P3D controller calibration, as well as resetting and recalibrating the yoke in the windows game controller window.

In the windows game controller window, when I was attempting to calibrate the yoke the rudder now showed full right deflection when the X & Y axis was centered, regardless of any left or right inputs on the ruddle paddle.  However unlike when P3D was running when I caught the issue, now the only way windows showed the rudder paddle axis being manipulated left or right was if I turned the X axis to the right.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any solutions to this issue while searching this and other forums.  The yoke calibration was working fine when I started my hiatus.  The only change since has been updating P3D to v4.4 along with associated aircraft to v4.4 compatibility.  I've attempted unplugging the USB, restarting my computer, and installing/using the CH controller input program without success in fixing the issue.  Physically the yoke is in good working order.  Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you.


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6 hours ago, MarkDH said:

Do you have 'auto-rudder' enabled?

No, auto-rudder is disabled in P3D.  

I think the issue may be outside the sim since it shows in the Windows Game Controller properties and calibration. Again, the issue is recurring after removing then plugging the yoke back into the computer and after computer restarts.  Is there a profile saved within Windows for the controller that can be deleted so that the next time it is plugged in, it forces Windows to look for and download any needed drivers as if it were brand new?  Or any other sort of "hard" reset method within Windows?

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2 hours ago, Ron Attwood said:

Use CH's manager. CH doesn't care to be ordered about by Windows. LINKY

Unfortunately, using the CH manager has the exact same calibration issue as the windows game controller calibration.

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