Rotary knobs in 3d cockpit not working (resolved)

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Just been doing some testing before releasing ver 1.6 of Bell 429 with RealityXP GNS 530/430 and both rotary knobs are not working in 3D cockpit, okay on pop-out window. Using latest vrsion

When to my backup and version and they are working okay.

Commands used which worked in the past. It is only the rotary commands, push buttons are okay.

ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_left RXP/GNS/GPS_OUTR_CCW_1 
TRIS 12522 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_left RXP/GNS/COM_OUTR_CCW_1 
TRIS 12546 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_left RXP/GNS/GPS_OUTR_CCW_2 
TRIS 12570 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_left RXP/GNS/COM_OUTR_CCW_2 
TRIS 12594 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_right RXP/GNS/GPS_OUTR_CW_1 
TRIS 12618 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_right RXP/GNS/COM_OUTR_CW_1 
TRIS 12642 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_right RXP/GNS/GPS_OUTR_CW_2 
TRIS 12666 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_large_right RXP/GNS/COM_OUTR_CW_2 
TRIS 12690 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_left RXP/GNS/COM_INNR_CCW_1 
TRIS 12714 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_left RXP/GNS/GPS_INNR_CCW_1 
TRIS 12738 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_left RXP/GNS/COM_INNR_CCW_2 
TRIS 12762 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_left RXP/GNS/GPS_INNR_CCW_2 
TRIS 12786 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_right RXP/GNS/COM_INNR_CW_1 
TRIS 12810 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_right RXP/GNS/GPS_INNR_CW_1 
TRIS 12834 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_right RXP/GNS/COM_INNR_CW_2 
TRIS 12858 24
ATTR_manip_command rotate_small_right RXP/GNS/GPS_INNR_CW_2 
TRIS 12882 24

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v2.4.8 has been released a couple hours ago and correct this issue along with a couple others. I'm sorry for this, it was a last minute bug that went unfortunately unnoticed prior release.

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