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737 safe landing after fire emergency NEWARK

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So good it made it to a safe landing.  I believe some type of foam suppression should be put into cargo holds, although I understand pets and animals are sometimes stored there too.  But that is speculative, something like that might already exist and regardless such unattended mammals or creatures would succumb to smoke inhalation.  Only fire issue I ever was in as a pax, also on a 737, was when the port engine blew on startup in Bozeman MT, but smoke seemed to fill the cabin and disappear within a half second, it was like a fog or mist was there, illuminated by the flash and the shock from the bang, then it was gone. 

We all were able to exit, with our belongings, as the calm cockpit voice came on, explaining to us exactly what happened, and that the emergency shutdown system kicked in and averted destruction of the fan system on the engine, which would have been bad for those pax seated nearby. 

We exited thru the port door with a much stronger smell of kerosene as usual, but no one was hurt or panicked by the issue.  That was my last flight ever out of Bozeman, I had been working in West Yellowstone at the time and was also sick as a dog, my employee had to drive me in my rental back to the airport.  I was able to get onboard a CRJ 200 which sadly only handled half of the disembarked passengers, getting home hours late to a worried wife who had called the airline and learned of the incident--she was ex airline and got the details from the Delta agents. 

It was one of two incidents I had on Delta, but the other bothers me so much and was such a greater danger to the passengers and flight crew that I won't talk about it, other than it was caused and almost killed all of us due to an inattentive and arrogant flight attendant who tried to pull the "shut up, there is no problem here, I am the law" after I got some of my fellow passengers to protest an open rear door just in front of the port engine.  I mentioned it here before, I quit flying Delta unless forced to by my business itinerary after that and have not flown them in 20+ years.  We were never offered compensation after the incident as Delta managed to cover up the issue.  My third incident, a ground accident I was hurt in, also never appeared in an NTSB report, so I hope airlines are a bit more honest today than they were when I was a biz traveler.

One honest airline was America West, which I flew to and from Puerto Vallarta.  They held and were on the verge of cancelling our flight when we had a ground problem and they were communicating to the ground crew in Spanish.  I understood what they were saying and relayed the issue to my wife, then the passengers saying it was not a life threatening issue but it was related to the aircraft onboard facilities and regs required they cancelled the flight.  But a young man to me nodded his approval and walked up and started communicating with the flight crew and other local ground maintenance.  They asked the non airline employee "Are you certified?" and he said yes, he was trying to deadhead on our full flight but had been turned down in favor of someone else, probably an AWA employee.

I simply told my wife to give it a little longer, we were going to make it home now.  And we did, although I did not use the facilities, just in case he simply patched a crack in the floor, lol...


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