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Since I had the DA40, and DA42 when the DA62 was recommended I wondered why I should buy it.  But my add-ons are my best form of entertainment, they are part of my monthly and yearly entertainment budget and because I have a grown child, even on a modest fixed disability income I can afford them, enjoy them, and give back my surplus money back to those that develop these products, and I believe Carenado/Alabeo comes from an area of the world that needs more economic votes.  They may not be perfect, but maybe one out of the dozens of aircraft I added to FSX and then P3D I did not like, I believe it was simply the C152 because I like the rarer Tomahawk better, so it was thru no fault of their own.  They have really progressed in the flight dynamics and systems field, maybe not all out by other vendors but their aircraft are rock solid stable and display the wonder and transition of aviation from the past to the present day. 

And I am not just stuck on them as vendors, many vendors have given us great product and I dare say even Ariane in the old old days kept interest in simming alive, which is what these vendors accomplish.  Sims that support add-ons, third party, are all winners in my book, I have just two, Xplane11 and P3DV4.4 and I have moved from being a hobbyist to student prep again, hoping to resume my lessons next year when I have fully (hopefully) recovered from my recent accident and diabetes scare, less recent that dates back to October 2017.  My diabetes saved my potential as a pilot, because I knew that fitness was and is the only answer to beating it.  I changed to a bird's diet, l weigh much less than the 170 pound standard pilot though that is my target weight being tall as I am, I only weigh less because I lost some twenty pounds since my accident a week ago from a loss of appetite, which is natural while the pain medicines they gave me recedes from my system.

Wanna know the best pain medicine I have taken?  Resuming a greater interest in this hobby, and sharing it with others, and letting others share it with me.  Even a recently unknown woman found me thru these forums and we've been corresponding, maybe I will no longer have to be single, but out of privacy for her I will not mention her name.

Remember what we write here, what we share here, reflects on us here.  Even I have been warned by the mods to cool it sometimes, and sometimes I have just wanted to quit these forums because of losing the temper we all lose sometimes.  But then I realize those challenges were more to deal with my own personal challenges than those who I perceived writing or responding to my threads in the wrong way.  I vouch for moderated forums because certain ones, who I shall not name, have PM'd me on the side and said "John, we're freezing your access for a bit, you are not yourself".... 

And I accept their angelic presence and offer of a time out, because they know all of us so well, see our love of this hobby, see us sharing, men and women, young men and young women, and so on.  I was a mod here but I just do not compare to the one's here today, who keep our gathering place alive, the first "Facebook" I can remember.  And I must warn that employers see us here, and get a perspective on us, although as an employer I forbade myself to stalk someone on the web--if I found them acceptable in an interview, face to face, it was enough for me and I have only interviewed maybe a dozen people in my life and sometimes not as a future supervisor but just as a best practices peer that the employee might need. 

I was honored to be asked that because I do not like judging people, but I must have done something right because I have friends and acquaintances, but no enemies other than the indirect ones that make war on my country, but my country makes war on theirs too, it is just part of world history and I hold no grudge if they dislike me because of that.  That is why I love our forums, because we know full well some members here come from countries or cultures that our adversaries, and vise versa, and we learn from each other because our common bonds are greater than our differences we find......  End of back story, just like to keep pics and prose here together to make a screenshot post more interesting.

Johnny boy!


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