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Stark, Starker & even Starker

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Stark, Starker & even Starker
San Diego to the California North-Eastern Mojave Desert















Thanks for viewing, Darryl

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I love that LSA so much!  I once flew a 2 place Rans S6 ES out of Hemet with a friend, he let me fly his aircraft from Hemet on a warm day to over 8000 feet, and we landed at an airport nearby about 20 NM from Hemet for breakfast.  On approach a pilot rudely cut in front of us complaining about our approach speed on the Unicom, almost causing a midair.  I was livid, so was my counterpart, and the pilot took one look at us after he landed and vanished knowing I was ready to bop him for aerial assault.  My friends RANs was awesome, unlike many LSA's it did not have a strong smell of gas fumes.  However it vibrated badly during taxi, I was there to consider a purchase but the man did not have his AW cert yet, he wanted me to pay for an inspection that might have failed, admitting he was low on his budget although the aircraft I felt was built to perfection, plus he was a CFI and the fed who was going to inspect it also notified me he would probably pass it.  But it was the vibration I did not like, I told my friend to install a slipper clutch for the Rotax engine, which he did and it resolved the problem.  He decided to retain his aircraft, we spoke again about a year later when he called me out of the blue by accident, we laughed and laughed at that one.

The Piper Sport evolved from a good Czech LSA but I cannot remember which one.  It is too bad it did not develop a good following, sadly many LSA's that were factory built were priced way above a good used RANS S6 ES, or Eurofox, which go between $30-$70K.  So does the metal and composite Allegro which I took my LSA training in.  I wanted to purchase one but once my wife and I considered the purchase, it was the post purchase expense of hangaring and annualing the aircraft I balked at.  I could have annualed it myself but the hangar cost again, it was simply a no go with hangar costs in Arizona costing more than half of our monthly mortgage, in addition to payments on the aircraft.  It was only after my mother passed that I had the funds but I gifted half of those, plus my equity in my wife's home, when we had an amicable divorce so she would not be forced to move from a good neighborhood and good schools I sacrificed my flying back then for.  But I am resuming my training soon, as soon as I receive funds from my recent near fatal pedestrian collision with someone's SUV....


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Posted (edited)

"...a pilot rudely cut in front of us...", I thought, John, that kind of thing happens only on the roads...🙂...Otherwise, interesting reminiscences here!

And, Darryl: Great desert shots, love them spite of their connection to the Death Valley!

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