Some autogen buildings have disappeared

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I have a strange situation and I am at a loss to figure out what happened.

On at least to airports, Flightbeam KPHS and FSDT KLAS some of the city autogen buildings have disappeared.  Such as the downtown skyscrapers and football stadium at KPHX and a several at downtown Las Vegas.  I recently installed Aerosoft Las Vegas to give me back some downtown scenery but even then the triangle shaped casino is gone.  

I cannot think of anything I have done to alter them other than disable appropriate AFCAD files to allow for the third party airports.

Has anyone else experienced this and have a solution?

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Where do you have your "Scenery Complexity" slider set to?  If it is too low, objects like you described will not appear.

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I have explored that to no avail.  I also posted on Fullterrain.  So far nothing has worked.  I have no idea what happened to make them go away.  I am waiting for the new KLAS to be released and it will solve the Las Vegas issue but I am really curious as to what I did or what changed to have them gone.  i can get the sky scrapers in Phoenix but the football stadium downtown is gone.

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