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Hello guys.

I have just upgraded from an i7 + gt1080 with P3dv4.3 to the following:

i9-9900K 3.60 Hz - Geforce RTX 2080Ti - 64GB memory - Z390 Aorus Ultra-CF

Of course, I will be installing P3dv4.4. Contrary to my days with FSX, I had P3d running well and smooth without any tweaks and no NVI with FXAA ON, AA 8xMSAA, Anisotropic 8x, 2048x2048, Vsync ON, Triple Buffering and FPS set to unlimited. However, I still had the autogen loading issue ...

I use the P3D PC connected to a projector which displays only the front view (I had a 3pc + 3 projectors setup for my home cockpit, but it's very demanding and troublesome to keep 3 pcs's with 3 copies of P3d updated and running at the same time). Actually, I have a HDMI divider sending the image to both a monitor and the projector.

I have read a lot about performance here, but I still have some questions ...

1. I have no ideia of what's the refresh rate of my monitor. Since the image goes to both the projector and to the monitor, should I use the FPS limiter like suggested ?

2. Should I use NVI ?





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Try the limiter. I am pretty sure your autogen loading issue disappears with a limit that your PC can maintain. If you are still not happy, the only way how to avoid autogen loading issues and running unlimited is: reduce the autogen draw distance to "medium".

Personally I do not anymore use NVI. In my case, there was almost for sure a link between using NVI frame limiter and DXGI P3D crashes. Others have no issue. So try it.

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One more thing guys ... 

Should I try the Affinity mask with this pc ? I have tried to follow some tutorials on how to select a number but I couldn’t do it ...



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Yes, you can also try to play around with an affinity mask. You have to find what suits you best, this is sometimes different from rig to rig and even some users with the same hardware do not observe the same benefits from affinity mask. I always got the best results (already back in FSX days) with mimicking a HT off situation by affinity mask, means only the physical cores used.

In your case, with a i9-9900K (8 cores, 16 threads), I would start with an affinity mask of 0101010101010101, which results in AM=21845. This would give you the same as I have for my 8700K (6 cores, 12 threads, AM=1365).

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