Old Charts that reflect the outdated P3d nav data?

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I'm an IRL IFR pilot and I'm looking to use P3d to stay sharp on my approach skills during the cold months in Montana where I can't fly as much as I'd like. 

My issue is that there are no IFR charts that reflect the outdated NavData in p3d, and all other threads related to this topic seem to be about updating the p3d NavData to match the real world charts, not the other way around.

Does anyone know of any decent sources for outdated IFR charts that can either be downloaded or purchased? Thanks!

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Why not update the navdata then?  Seems like a lot easier pursuit than trying to find charts (that likely don't exist online) from what; 14 years ago?  Especially as you are maintaining currency and proficiency.

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There is (was?) an outfit called Dauntless with a product called SimPlates that was a collection of approach plates from the original FSX/P3D nav data epoch.

You'd be much better off, I think, buying a nav data update for your sim and then you can use the free real-world D-TPP approach plates from the FAA website, at least here in the US.



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