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Could you explain how to engage IAS mode precisely with Falcon 50 and how it works, VS mode is working for me but i don't succeed with IAS mode!

Best regards

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Posted (edited)

Hi Jerome,

As I understand, IAS mode will attempt maintain the airspeed at which the aircraft is flying at the time of selection by adjusting the pitch of the aircraft. You can then adjust the rate of climb if you wish by increasing or decreasing the power settings. The advantage of IAS mode is that it will not allow the aircraft to go into a stall but if you are climbing in VS mode, the AP will try to maintain the selected rate of climb and this may lead to a stall unless the rate of climb is reduced. 

Unless you wish to fly the early part of climb manually or using VS, the procedure is to select IAS once your desired airspeed has been reached (usually 250kts below 10,000ft) and use ALT SEL to ensure any altitude restrictions (such as those in a SID) are not breached. When in IAS mode the aircraft will level out at the selected altitude in the same way as it does in VS mode. The general advice is to use IAS mode for climb and VS mode for descent. 

I have no experience of flying a Falcon in the real world and someone who has may be able to give you more precise information but I hope this helps a little!


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Hi Bill, 

Thank you very much lot for this clear explanation, now i understood the IAS Mode and it works great, i succeeded to  engage this mode especially for climbing!

Have a good day.

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