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How to flight plan

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So i fly a lot on vatsim, and im also a member of virtual Norwegian. However i am not satisfied with my flight planning methods. Firstly, i get my plan from my VA, then to find out how much fuel i need i go to onlineflightplanner and type in the destination airport and the departure airport. On short haul that works fine, but on long haul the different softwares plan a different plan. So fuel isnt accurate anymore and stuff. Now, to my question, does any of you know about a flight planning software that is kinda similar to pfpx (but free) where i can just type in my route and it will calculate flight level, fuel, and all in kgs? Thanks in advance! Philip

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2 hours ago, Captain Kevin said:

Have you tried SimBrief?

Nope, havent tried simbrief. But ill take a look now, thanks. 🙂


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