Allocating PTT buttons to multiple joysticks

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I have an installation with dual Saitek yokes on X plane. I use a LUA script to switch control from one yoke to the other. Hence the PTT switch number changes at that point. I am assuming that P2A cannot accomodate this? Every time I tried to assign a PTT switch to the second yoke, P2A just defaulted to the first one in the drop down list. Love it if it could.

My issue is with my workaround though, I decided to keep the PTT only on one yoke on the captain side of my cockpit.   However, for reasons I hope someone will be able to explain, P2A always chooses the co-pilot PTT switch and fails to recognise my captain yoke no matter what I try. I even tried deleting the co-pilot yoke from the device manager and restarting the computer with it disconnected. This allowed me to allocate the PTT to the captain, but when I reconnected the co-pilot USB and restarted the computer again it switched back to the co-pilot.

Do you have any advice about how P2A allocates control devices and so how I might ensure it always chooses the captains seat for the PTT switch?



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You are correct that P2A only supports one PTT button definition.

P2A stores the Joystick Name and Button Number, then uses these as the primary means of knowing what device to use.  If the names of the Yoke are the same, then that could cause the issue you are describing.


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