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Small problem with GSX Level 2

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So I have used GSX Level 2 successfully to re-configure a number of my add on airports with SODE jetways, it's a powerful tool and i'm very happy with it. I'm running P3D v4.3

But i'm having a small issue with LatinVFR KRDU Raleigh Durham... I have re-configured the entire airport, every available gate that has a jetway, with GSX L2 jetways, but here's where the problem arises...

If I start the sim and go directly to KRDU there isn't a single jetway in sight (see attached pic), but if I start the sim and start at any airport other than KRDU, and then switch to KRDU from there, the jetways are all there.... (see also pic attached)..



This a very odd thing, i'm not having this issue with any other airport i've re-configured with GSX L2, and i'm at a loss to figure out what might cause this to happen. Any assistance or suggestions are  appreciated. Thanks.

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I've seen this before as well...generally it seems to happen at third-party add-on airports that use jetways placed in the airport file (e.g ADE/AFX/AFCAD), as is the case with LatinVFR's KRDU.

What has worked for me is to use ADE to edit the jetways out instead of the GSX2 exclusion feature.

Open the airport file bgl, in this case KRDU_ADEX_RGM_p3d.BGL, go to Lists -> Jetways, select all, delete, and then save and compile the new ADE file. 

Then disable the original ADE (e.g. replace .BGL with .OFF) or move it to another folder, drop in the one you created, and remove the GSX2 exclusions from the Addon Manager\FsDreamTeam\Exclude folder. 

The disappearing GSX2 jetways shouldn't be an issue any more.



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Thanks Bob, i'll give that a try....🙂

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