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Is there any way of disabling button 9 (mode switch) on the saitek yoke, aswhen trying to assign a button to a camera button 9 of the saitek yoke keeps assigning itself (as it constantly connected). This is a problem when trying to assign other buttons on the yoke.



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Hi John,

I have a Saitek yoke and don't have the issue that you mentioned. Are you running Saitek's own programming software? I wonder if that could be related somehow.

As a test, I just tried to assign a command in ChasePlane to the mode switch, but it won't detect it at all (this is the three-position switch on the back of the right arm of the yoke, just to be sure?).

I'm running Windows 10 with the default drivers that Windows found for my yoke, in case that helps. I'm on v1.0.38 of ChasePlane.

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