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  1. Clearing any cookies related to live.com solved the Insider log-in problem for me. I'd not been able to log in for some weeks. Using Firefox here. (Go to "Options > Privacy > Manage Data" then search for live.com and clear them all.) A great test to check if your local browser's cache/cookies are causing the issue is to open a new "Private window" / "InPrivate window" / "Incognito session" (name depends on your browser) and then visit flightsimulator.com and try to log in. I have no alpha invite (nor do I expect one due to my old hardware) but I can get into both the Insider area and the forums (although those are "coming soon").
  2. Another near lifelong MS Sidewinder FFB user here! 😎 At first the FFB1, then the FFB2. Bought second-hand about 15-20 years ago and still as good as new. The variable 'spring' centring strength with airspeed in sims like Rise of Flight and IL-2 was always divine. The near-stall buffet effects were always excellent too. Even now, with DCS, I make do with the severe lack of buttons because I love the FFB, the ability to have 'off centre' trim as in real life (perfect for helicopters), and because it's so accurate and precise due to its optical sensors. Besides, DCS let's you assign a button or two as 'modifiers' so you can easily double/triple/quadruple the functions of the remaining buttons and the hat switch, making it a fantastic poor man's HOTAS 😍 I really hope that the new sim supports FFB early on in its lifecycle.
  3. I agree completely that the new simulator needs this. Just look to DCS for a great example of a powerful control mapping interface. Any key or controller button can be assigned as a modifier (like Shift/Ctrl or Alt), which in turn can double/triple/quadruple the number of functions per button. I have a MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick. It's about 15 years old, well used but as good as new (that's worth another thread of its own). I use it as a HOTAS with DCS and can get a tremendous number of functions on the limited 8 buttons on the stick, just by using 2 of the buttons as modifiers. Then each of the remaining 6 buttons (plus the hat) have 4 variants: Standard (unmodified) function 2nd function with Modifier button 1 pressed 3rd function with Modifier button 2 pressed 4th function with Modifier buttons 1+2 pressed The hat switch is a perfect example. Using the modifier buttons on the joystick it could do the following things (for example): Unmodified = pitch and roll trim With Modifier 1 = flaps up/down (hat up/down), rudder trim left/right (hat left/right) With Modifier 2 = autopilot adjustment (e.g. bank control with left/right, vertical speed adjustment with up/down) With Modifiers 1 + 2 = look around or pan view (useful in case I didn't have TrackIR running) Conclusion: We need customisable modifier buttons!!! (And a snazzy control mapping screen to go with it.) It's a perfect solution for those who don't have expensive HOTAS controls, and great for yoke users too. It would even make an Xbox controller much more flexible for the future console users. Just saying 😆
  4. You're not, I also noticed it and found it somewhat distracting. Hopefully it's an area that will be improved or optimised by release. I'm sure the team are aware of it already but worth a mention. Some of the other sims do it well with objects fading in/out with distance (XP), or scaling up from the ground (DCS) - as far as I remember - rather than popping into view.
  5. While I fully appreciate that not everyone wants to 'maintain' their aircraft, for me this brings a huge amount of value to the simulator. Not so much the maintenance (which is more complex to model) but the persistence of the aircraft state. When I get in my car, everything is as I last left it. If the radio was playing, it will start when I turn on the ignition. If the tank was almost empty, it'll be empty when I get back in it. I want the same of my aircraft. Else, in a way, half the checklists are redundant because the cockpit state is always the same whenever the aircraft is loaded. From a procedural point of view all the items should be checked, but when I am already 100% sure that everything is set according to the default state, it feels pointless and I want to skip those checks. Real life is not 100% predictable, neither should the sim be (unless the user chooses so). If you want to imagine that you're flying a club's aircraft, or you're in an airliner, the switch status could even be randomised on occasion to keep you on your toes, if the previous pilot didn't complete their last-flight-of-the-day checks (optionally, of course). I would love to see in order of priority: optional aircraft persistence (switch state, fuel level, passenger/load weight) optional dirt build-up or paint wear (as another texture layer that appears over time - similar to the one implemented in Cliffs of Dover and Elite Dangerous) optional maintenance state (oil, wear & tear, random deterioration/failures) I very much doubt to see numbers 3 on the list implemented by anybody but third party developers, but 1 & 2 could be achievable by Microsoft for their future roadmap.
  6. Your idea sounds a little but like The Skypark by Parallel 42. Adding in events at certain places around the world, that all members will see when they are in the sim in that area. The result will be that people gather together at those places to take part. I had a chat with co-developer Keven (of ChasePlane) at the recent Flight Sim Show at Cosford. He said that the run-up to such events might see lots of transportation jobs being posted for their community to fly. Players can contribute by bring in supplies to the airfield - each delivery then causes more 'scenery' to appear for all players in that area. Sounds a bit like AirHauler mixed with an MMO game. Could be interesting to be part of a larger community of events. Time will tell! Couple of links for those interested who might not have heard of this yet: https://fselite.net/previews/the-skypark-area-51-raid-previews/ https://orbxdirect.com/theskypark
  7. I also thought it could be due to the engine vibration setting, but then I realised that this option probably 'translates' the viewpoint up/down/left/right slightly, but doesn't rotate/pan it. So it would make the cockpit & window frames jostle about relative to the horizon, but it shouldn't make the horizon or distant scenery move about. I could be wrong, just guessing. There are a lot of sliders so setting each one to zero should easily tell you if CP is the reason or not.
  8. Well, you posted the question here in the ChasePlane support forum so I had assumed that's what you were asking about 🙂 I don't think you can assign keys to specific views in FSX/P3D easily otherwise, without ChasePlane or another camera add-on utility. ChasePlane is an excellent program for manipulating the camera and setting up custom views. I'd recommend looking at a few YouTube videos to get an idea of it before purchasing. Otherwise, I think you'd have to define new view points in the aircraft and cycle through them with the 'A' key (default key in FSX; I presume P3D is the same).
  9. Hi Martin, Assuming you've saved a ChasePlane view for your centre pedestal, you need to go to Preferences > Control Assignments, then scroll down to the section called "Named Assignments". Here you can assign keys or controller buttons to specifically named views. For example, in the 737 I have two named viewed called "Overhead" and "Upper Overhead". By assigning a key (e.g. Numpad 4) which is assigned to the word "Overhead", it will cycle around any ChasePlane views that contain the word "Overhead". This works across all aircraft with views containing the keyword "Overhead". In you case, you might want to make a named assignment for the word "pedestal" and map it to your key/button of choice. The only caveat is that you should make sure you assign a key that is NOT used by your simulator, to avoid conflicts. Else you have to delete the command from your simulator's controls menu. Hope that helps. Martyn
  10. I asked exactly the same question, exactly one month ago today (see link below). Unfortunately, I didn't get an answer (yet). I am fairly sure the answer is 'no' for the time being, but I do wonder how much work it would be to implement. The biggest problem might be fitting it into the neat and tidy interface! I sometimes use a joystick instead of my yoke, so ideally I'd like to assign the zoom in/out buttons to three controllers; yoke, joystick, PS3 controller. Luckily, I can use pan/tilt on two devices, because the hat-switch registers as buttons on the yoke, but the PS3 controller's joysticks are axes. Otherwise I would have the same issue as you on top of my zoom command problem.
  11. It might not be the most elegant solution, but you could have two different key mappings and swap out the files before launching your sim. For FSX for example, the keyboard & joystick mappings are stored in this location & file: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\Standard.xml I can't remember if the sim allows you to directly export different profiles from within the game or not. If not, just make copies of this file for each configuration and swap them out as required. At least until someone comes along with a better solution!
  12. Hi John, Glad to hear you got it working. Happy flying! Martyn
  13. Hi rooitou. Now I understand much better why your experience was so different to mine! I only have FSX-SE on my PC, and before that only FSX boxed, so haven't had as many issues. Whether the myriad sims is related to the problem or the versions of SimConnect, I have no idea. I do recall installing several SimConnect versions on my FSX installs due to various add-ons requiring one version or another. I would have hoped they could co-exist without issues, but perhaps not in your particular setup. I started with the X-Camera tutorials this evening; almost 30 minutes for the first basic tutorial video and several more to go! Quite a time investment. I'll get there, until such time as there's an equivalent. My main reason for using X-Camera is because the default implementation of TrackIR in X-Plane seems to be atrocious. Too 'smooth' making it lag behind my actual head movement, and too sensitive in translational motion resulting in my head going out of the plane rather too often. I wanted it to rotate quite crisply and precisely, and I could only achieve that with X-Camera. I'm using a mixture of X-Camera cockpit views with the default external views (Shift-4 etc.) at present, and that causes some trouble, especially if I have a controller connected with view axes mapped. Then the external view gets locked into one position and cannot be spun around the plane with a right-click-and-drag of the mouse. I can only temporarily move the camera using the controller. It's... clunky. Here I much prefer CP's implementation of controller input which doesn't interfere with the cameras at all (unless you touch the controller). Like you, I found TrackIR was an odd thing to use in FSX with external views. It always worked for left/right orbit in spot view, but in no other direction. I will still use FSX, as I also have a moderate amount of add-ons that I owe attention to. I've been sat on the fence for about a year between P3D and X-Plane. I always felt XP was the sensible choice due to the more modern approach to how it was built, from the community-sourced airports, OpenStreetMap world data, simple handling of aircraft and plugins, more up-to-date nav-data and so on. P3D would have supported many of my existing add-ons and is graphically a bit 'cleaner'. But the P3D update cycles look to be hard work and the foundation of it is ESP/FSX which has a lot of aspects I don't like, so in the end I followed my head not my heart! Either way, one thing is for certain: Flight sims these days require 80% of your time for tinkering and troubleshooting and only 20% flying! 😁
  14. You should either: Remove the zoom function in P3D for the +/- keys, then assign these keys to the zoom in/out commands under 'Control Assignments' in ChasePlane instead. or Assign controller buttons or alternative keyboard keys (perhaps +/- on the Numpad) to the ChasePlane zoom controls, and use those instead of the regular +/- keys.
  15. Hi John, I have a Saitek yoke and don't have the issue that you mentioned. Are you running Saitek's own programming software? I wonder if that could be related somehow. As a test, I just tried to assign a command in ChasePlane to the mode switch, but it won't detect it at all (this is the three-position switch on the back of the right arm of the yoke, just to be sure?). I'm running Windows 10 with the default drivers that Windows found for my yoke, in case that helps. I'm on v1.0.38 of ChasePlane.
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