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  1. Mustang-242

    Unrealistic ground handling when taking-off

    Fair points all around. I can't say too much in favour of X-Plane since I don't own it. I have used the demo version about a dozen times, and I mainly fly GA. The short time limit before the controls lock out is frustrating (whole point of a demo) and makes it hard to really evaluate and decide if it's the sim for me going forwards, but I did at least try bouncing a couple of aircraft along the runway and stamping on the rudder a few times to see how the ground physics worked. To my pleasant surprise it's possible to taxi the Baron on one engine without major dramas. In FSX that would be near impossible. Holding one wheel brake at low speed typical means you don't go anywhere, for starters... I've a good few aircraft for DCS but find I spend most of my time in the helicopters. The feel of those is incredible, including how they interact with the ground. I'm currently enjoying the Mi-8's Oilfield Campaign, which is full of civil activities 🙂 The newly added raindrops & wet windscreen effects are icing on the cake. (The rotor doesn't affect them but airspeed & flight direction do.)
  2. Mustang-242

    Unrealistic ground handling when taking-off

    I've never felt that the ground dynamics were good at all in the FSX lines of sims. The slightly 'on rails' flight models (lack of air movement in general) and poor ground physics are probably the main reason for me hesitating in moving on to P3D as my main simming platform. It feels like the ESP/FSX/P3D line are stuck in the dark ages there. (But the number of compatible add-ons I own for FSX are what stops me going elsewhere!) I agree that X-Plane feels a bit too lively on the ground, almost the exact opposite of FSX, but the X-Plane crosswind landings videos look very realistic in comparison with real life videos. At least the planes seems to exhibit some of kind of friction with the ground, unlike in FSX!!! You also see evidence of the ground 'pushing back' as the suspension works hard and the plane leans and rolls around. For example: I think DCS is the sweet spot in the middle for handling. It feels lively enough and the ground can bite if you are too heavy handed. You can also burst a tyre too in some cases. But sadly the civil aviation selection is rather limited there... Martyn
  3. Mustang-242

    ---- User Manual ----

    I've had a few confusing sessions where I kept hearing loud 'splashing' sounds on the ground in external views. Eventually, I spotted some orcas just popping their fins above the tarmac along the taxiway. I thought maybe it was an AI traffic or scenery bug. Today, I had a zebra standing inside my aircraft as I ran through my start up! And then a super oil tanker filling the apron! (Which I was 'inside'). Eventually, I realised that ChasePlane's old April Fool's feature was responsible for making these objects appear!!! I've not done much simming over the summer so took me some time to figure this out... Glad I found this post to tell me how to remove it (and how to get it back if I ever wanted to), since the key bindings I used were 1, 2, and 3, so any time I responded to a radio call of ATC I was dropping animals objects! Thanks Keven, for the tip.
  4. Please remember that ChasePlane is 'in development' and you have agreed to buy an early-access product. Given your frustrations at not having a smooth experience, perhaps you could consider waiting for v1.0 of a software release to avoid disappointment in future. The developers are listening to their customers, but patience is necessary. Good things come to those who wait. Although I don't like software which 'interferes' with the host platform, as CP does with FSX/P3D's view system, it is worth it in the end. And, if all we have to complain about is that on 2 days in a year we can't fly our flight simulators, we'd do well to remember our ancestors who had much tougher lives, fighting for survival against illness, war, famine and so on. When you think about it, we have little to truly complain about :) Regards, Martyn
  5. If anybody following this thread hasn't heard yet, Keven confirmed the 'offline' mode will be added during November - all being well - when Beta 0.4.x is released. You'll also get lots more improvements and a very nicely implemented replay feature. I very much enjoyed the presentation at RAF Cosford yesterday (when this thread was mentioned). ChasePlane is exceeding my expectations with every update. Regards, Martyn
  6. Indeed it's not the end of the world that ChasePlane is unavailable. I could still fly. But the fact TrackIR is also not working, which I can only assume is related, is a big problem. The pan-rate in FSX with my yoke's hat switch is painfully slow, even with the button repeat rate on max. A huge hinderance when flying a GA aircraft. I have previously disabled mouselook (space bar) in FSX's own bindings, to avoid conflicts with CP's mouselook, and I can't easily remap it because it's not called anything obvious in the FSX key bindings menu! So, yes, I could find a workaround for everything but it will take quite some time to faff around in .cfg files to make lots of adjustments, just to get some basic ability to look around quickly and easily. If TrackIR was still functioning then I would be quite happy without CP, but for whatever reason, TrackIR doesn't even know FSX-SE is running. I cannot be sure that CP is to blame for this but I am very suspicious, as I have not have problems with TIR & FSX before... Having been on the receiving end of technical support for many years, I am very patient with IT problems. Losing nearly all control of my views, both from CP and TrackIR, really is a big problem for me. All we can do is to be patient, I know the developers will work hard to solve this. They have demonstrated their dedication plenty since CP launched and for that I must congratulate them. Now they need to find a suitable compromise between online sync services, anti-piracy measures, and customer needs. I wish them luck! Martyn
  7. Agreed, needs to be able to run offline even if it comes with a warning that any changes to cameras will not be saved, for example. I was left scratching my head this morning as I'm about to embark on another leg of my around the world trip, but ChasePlane refuses to work. Quick trip to the forums and I find the reason in this thread. Not good! It's probably the only bad thing I've found with CP so far, but it is quite a big one. Edit: To make matters worse, even TrackIR is not working in FSX now... not sure if that is the result of CP being offline due to the new TIR integration. So indeed it looks like I am grounded for now Martyn
  8. I have half functionality with the OC and the J41, after a completely fresh install of Windows 10 and FSX-SE. (I also have the 737NGX though) I can install J41 liveries via the OC, but I can't configure the aircraft options - the page options but no changes are saved. To edit the aircraft options, I found that running the "PMDG BAe JS4100 Configuration Manager" from the Start Menu works just fine. Maybe it will work for you too if you have the shortcut available.
  9. Mustang-242

    [Announcement] Alpha 2

    Really looking forward to 1.5, keep up the great work! I've recently reinstalled Windows and FSX on an SSD. The installation of ChasePlane was so simple compared to everything else. The cloud-based saving of presets & options is such a breath of fresh air compared to all the other stuff I've had to migrate from my old install, like aircraft engine hours, liveries, configurations and scenery etc. Thanks Keven & team! And happy holidays!
  10. Mustang-242

    Activation JS41 PMDG

    OK, that explains the OC behaviour at least, thanks Kyle. I knew the J41 wasn't officially supported (forgot to mention it) but many have had luck getting it to work. I have it working now after two steps: Running the SimConnect.msi for version 61355 from the SP1 folder (FSX root\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-SP1) - after this the activation window appeared when I selected the J41 from the Free Flight menu. Manually installing the glassga.ttf font into C:\Windows\Fonts from my old Windows install - I moved to a new SSD so still have my old installation available on the old drive. This was mentioned in another thread here, to get the FMC to display any text. The J41 configurator tool doesn't work via the OC (settings are never updated to the .ini file in the FSX\PMDG directory) but the dedicated link in the Start Menu still works just fine for setting the aircraft's options. After all that, I still had an issue (which I occasionally saw in boxed FSX) with half of the screen covered by a flickering white texture whilst in the virtual cockpit, but I understand that's due to the icing effects. Having turned them off via the J41 Configuration tool all seems to be fine. Time will tell when I try to fly it! I understand that IAS hold won't function in FSX-SE but I can live without that.
  11. Mustang-242

    Activation JS41 PMDG

    I've a problem of a similar but different nature. I'm on a new Windows 10 install, fresh install of FSX-SE. I've added the 737NGX and got the latest Operations Centre, now I've installed the J41, getting the latest installer via the Aerosoft support site. Having installed it, the Operations Centre sees it (as the J41 FSX-SE version), but the aircraft is inoperable - I've not had any activation dialog appear yet... which probably explains why. When I re-open the OC and go to the J41 settings page, no options are ticked at all and the refresh rates of the displays are all set to zero. I'll remove and re-install it tomorrow. Besides changing the default flight to one with the MS Cessna 172 on the ground which has the engine shut down, avionics and battery turned off, it's pretty much a clean install at the moment. I can use Ctrl+E to get the J41 started but it doesn't trigger anything. Also tried swapping aircraft in-game rather than from the menu. Will report back if I figure it out.
  12. When I reported a minor bug to their support team recently, the response indicated that it was unlikely to be fixed as the J41 isn't likely to get any more updates which is hardly a big surprise. However, I wouldn't consider that an absolute and final answer on the topic, just the opinion of the agent, so let's hope it gets a refresh eventually. It fills a nice spot in the fleet and the two-tone cockpit is a lovely office to sit in! :smile:
  13. Mustang-242

    What was Your First Payware Purchase?

    For me it was the DreamFleet Piper Archer II for FS2002. I actually went halves on it with a friend, as the idea of buying a single aircraft which was nearly as much as the game/sim itself was quite a new concept at the time, and that lessened the financial blow. Nowadays, the base sim is often at the cheaper end of the scale compared to some of the add-ons I've bought! Times sure change. Back then a VC was a barely-usable novelty, though I always found it far easier to land in that view, even if the instruments were barely legible.
  14. Easiest short-term fix would be to have ChasePlane recognise the A2A aircraft which include vibration effects already and not use its own effect it during shutdown on those aircraft. I also noticed it yesterday on the A2A Comanche as well. The camera movement came a couple of seconds after the prop stopped. I quite liked the CP camera 'wobble' though; it was a little more significant and felt more realistic than the small panel vibrations of the A2A effect, so hopefully in the long-term it can be worked out and left in.
  15. As always, thanks for the reply Keven and for adding that one to the list. Do remember to take an occasional well-earned rest though!