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Lear35 HSI Heading and Course Features

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Joe, our resident L35 expert/pilot has a HSI unit in the L35 he flies that uses the HCP-74 HSI control unit pictured below.  Two handy features (among others) of this HSI controller are:

      1. If you push in the heading bug adjustment knob, the heading bug will be synced to the current aircraft  heading, i.e., the bug will move to the top of the HSI.

      2. If you push in the course adjustment knob when tuned to a VOR station the HSI course arrow will move to point directly at the VOR station (like a RMI needle) and the CDI will center.  The tail of the course needle then indicates the current radial the a/c is on, and if you turn to the heading pointed to by the head of the course needle you can track directly to the VOR station (sim must be in VLOC mode).

There's a chance we may see a similar HSI controller in a future Lear35 update. So to experiment with the above heading bug and course arrow features I’ve implemented and made them accessible in our current Lear35 as G1000 MFD Softkey7 (heading Sync) and G1000 MFD Softkey8 (course arrow points to VOR/CDI centers).  So by assigning a couple of keys and/or buttons to these softkeys you can activate the respective features.

If interested in experimenting with this, PM me an email address and I'll send you the modified Lear cab file with some simple instructions.


Edit: I have found the heading bug sync feature to be particularly useful as a quick way to align the heading bug to the a/c heading before engaging the AP HDG mode.


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