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Purchase Question

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Before purchasing I have a couple of questions that were not specifically described from another similar software manufacturer.

1)  Will this work on an Arduino based GPS unit and a VGA monitor in my simulator that has a hands on GPS (not a screen version GPS) unit that has has it's own monitor to display information. I don't know how better to describe it but I don't use the one provided by Flight Simulator software it is through FSUIPC.

2)  Is there any limitations with the amount of button inputs on this external GPS unit? I have 22 input buttons on my flight sim panel.

3)  Are there periodic mapping updates required?This is not a problem, but I need to understand what I will need to do periodically.

Anything else I should be aware of before making the purchase?  I have a GNS 530 unit. Is there any thing else I may need to know?

thank you

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1) I'm not sure to understand what this is about but you can always display the GNS V2 in a second monitor: just pop out the window (XP11 pop out window mode) and drag the GNS V2 window to the 2nd monitor.

If the question is for the FltSim product then you've posted in the wrong forum. However, provided you can 'detach' any popup window in any FltSim panel (which is supposed to be), you can similarly drag the window to the 2nd monitor.

2) I'm not sure what limitations you are inquiring about. The GNS V2 can be externally controlled via a) keyboard shortcuts b) default/standard simulator GPS commands. If you can tell your hardware to either a) send keyboard shortcuts (which you would have pre-configured obviously to match) or b) send standard X-Plane / FltSim GPS commands (like GPS_NEAREST_BUTTON) then you're all set.

3) Sure there are: we very often update our products and introduce new features. Some are our own additions and novelties, some others are customer-suggested and when there is a problem we are striving to fix it.

As for 'anything else', I'd suggest you download and read the product User's Manual from our website main page. We have nothing to hide and you can discover most of the above answers in it too!

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Thank you for your reply.  My intention is to be able to just move the map and screens associated with the GPS to my cockpit with dragging the GPS bezel with it.  My cockpit is made up of physical hardware such as two NAV/COM radios, the audio amplifier, and the GNS 530.  I elected to go this way for the realism in the cockpit.  The GPS has a VGA monitor in it so that I can have the screens that FSX shows and I can push buttons and turn the knobs in real life.  I believe you've answered all my questions and I appreciate it.  I will be ordering it as soon as I get back home. 

Thank you again,


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