Extreme VAS???? Please help me

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Hey guys!

I'm having problems with my P3D v4.2 for a long time. I checked lots of foruns and I can't figure out how to solve it. 
I get some blue screens related to memory, sometimes minutes and sometimes after 1-2 hours. But sometimes I can finish my flights. I don't have problems with FPS.

I downloaded process explorer to check my VAS, and I'm really scared.
42gb of VAS???

Look these numbers

Anyone know what's going on?

My system:
Windows 10
i5 3570 3.4ghz
16gb RAM
128gb SSD
500gb + 1 TB HDD
GTX 1050 2gb

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VAS is NOT the same as virtual memory or your page file. This has been written about a lot and I thought most members were aware of this.  It also has nothing to do with your on-board memory.   In P3DV4, Microsoft is giving us up to a little over 7TB's of virtual address space.  I do not know of any SSD/M2 or HDD that has that capability so, essentially, you have unlimited VAS.  You will never run out when running a 64-bit app.  If you have a 32-bit system running in a 64-bit environment like FSX/FSX-SE, then you may get up to 4GB's of VAS.  With FSX and P3Dv3 and earlier, that is not very much as they have to load so many textures constantly.

BSOD need to be fixed as soon as possible as they mean you have an issue with your hardware.  I would suspect you have one bad memory module installed on your motherboard.

P3Dv4.2 is really out of date and versions up to the current version, 4.5 have bug fixes.  You should upgrade to the latest version as some developers have updated their products to be compatible with v4.5 and not v4.2.

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