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Oculus Tray Tool Updated: Version

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Version - Created by ApollyonVR (ApollyonVR@gmail.com)

*** NOTE: You need to run this application using "Run as Administrator" ***

Changelog version 0.86.0

- Added option to mirror Oculus Home.
- Added Profile option to minimze the running game to the task bar.
- Added option to set 2D FOV multiplier. See the User Guide for more info.
- Added Oculus Homeless, by EmuVR developer and Reddit user NeoZeroo. I expanded a bit on NeoZeroo's
  code and added an option to play some background music while using Homeless. Check out NeoZeroo's
  Reddit post and the OTT User Guide for more info.
- Added option to restart the Oculus service when the computer wakes up from sleep. This helps with poor tracking
  after sleep.
- Oculus Tray Tool system tray icon now always visible.
- Opting to remove all settings during uninstall now also removes any "Start with Windows" settings,
  e.g from the "Run" key in the registry or the scheduled task if that was the selected option.
- Fixed as issue where the same game icon would appear for different games in the Library.
- Fixed an issue with the "Send Home to tray" options.
- Fixed an issue where the OTT tray icon right-click menu choices for audio switching did not work as expected.
- Fixed a problem where the audioswitcher would stop working due to a driver update or device unplugg/insert that
  would cause the device id's to change.
- Removed the Oculus Home icon in the system tray that was previously shown when Oculus Home was sent to the system tray by OTT. 
  Home is now restored using the right-click menu of the Oculus Tray Tool system tray icon.
- Individual voice commands can now again be enabled/disabled
- The 'USB Selectve Suspend' option is no longer tied to the selected power plan and now only affect Rift devices.
- Fixed an issue that would cause the timer for the Timer-based profiles to start on
  OTT start instead of when Home was started.
- Lowered the tickrate of the timer for Timer-based profiles as it was a bit too short,
  causing an unnecessarily high cpu load when having a lot of profiles set to Timer as 
  detection method.

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