Amending an IFR flight plan mid-flight?

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So I'm a total P2ATC noob and completely word not allowed to IFR procedures, so bear with me. 

Let's say I file an IFR flight plan, and I'm halfway to my destination, but off to the side I see something cool I want to look at, maybe a mountain range or a city or a nude beach. Is there a way to amend the plan? If I have to cancel IFR, how do I then continue IFR to my destination? Would I just request VFR Flight Following to my destination, then request an IFR approach to the active runway?





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So I've answered my own question, you have two options it seems. Either rebuild a flight plan and re-file, then open the flight plan in the air, or you can just call for an ILS approach to the runway at your destination airport.

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