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  1. You got it Dave, it was a switch position. The power light was red and no matter what I did with the radios in the jet (JF Hawk) it wouldn't go green. Setting ignore power and avionics fixed it. Thank you! P2ATC adds so much to xplane.
  2. I recently upgraded to Tried it out for the first time tonight, and I get no response from ATC, even when using "Say It". -Checked PTT (it's lighting up green) -Checked Mic (It's working) -See no mic settings in config -When I use "Say It" my say-it dude speaks but still no response -Tried at multiple airports and freqs -Not getting the usual tone when it recognizes speech -I'm connected and can hear x-chatter clips What did I do wrong? Moe
  3. Thank you for the reply Dave, I've made multiple flights since this one, so 'm not sure if I could find this log? I will test it again this week, and send it over if it gets nutty. If I set a VFR flight plan, then decide to ask for radar vectors to an IFR at a completely different approach, will that mess things up? Thank you again for the effort, this is an excellent program! Moe
  4. This happened to me twice, so I figured I'd report it. I took off VFR from Van Nuys KVNY and was just flying around looking at scenery. Flight plane was VFR, KVNY to KVNY letting P2ATC auto plan. I decided to head up to Santa Barbera and try the ILS approach. Asked for a clearance direct to KSBA and received it going north out over the ocean, west of SBA. Once switched to SBA approach I asked for radar vectors to the ILS 07. Was vectored towards the ILS and directed to descend to 3k. Once I intercepted the approach, I turned 076 and called established on approach. No response, then a few seconds later I was directed to turn left to 040. At 3k this flew me into a mountain about 10 miles inland, but I turned and climbed to 4k to clear the mountain. I asked again for radar vectors to the ILS, and was directed to stay on 040 at 3k, which would put me into the ground. I decided to cancel service and climb, so I called "cancel radar service" and the computer hard locked, a reboot was required. Any ideas on what I might have done wrong here? To get radar vectors to the ILS, do I have to file a flight plan, or can it be done on the fly if I decide to try an ILS and divert from my established plan? Overall, the experience I'm looking for here, is to depart from an airport, fly around however I'd like, then use pilot2atc to get me into the airport of my choice. Moe
  5. If there's a way to do this forgive me, I couldn't find anything. It would be nice to set the delay your copilot waits to do the readback/freq change, and be able to cancel his readback so you can do it yourself. Maybe have a hotkey for this, or if you click the transmit button before he begins speaking or changes the freq? So if you want to do your own readbacks only in certain instances, you set a coplit delay of like 10 sec, then if you click the PTT and do your own readback before he starts, his is cancelled. This would give you the ability to transition into doing your own readbacks as you learn, without getting lost in the chain in more complex readbacks. Especially in VR where we can't really write things down. I love pilot2ATC, it's really made X-plane much better for me. Thank you for the effort!
  6. So I've answered my own question, you have two options it seems. Either rebuild a flight plan and re-file, then open the flight plan in the air, or you can just call for an ILS approach to the runway at your destination airport.
  7. Yes, it's significant and requires a lot of tweaking to get playable frame rates. I have a pretty decent rig, i7 7700 OC to 4.8, 32g, 1080ti OC. I see frame rates in the high 20s to low 30s with textures at medium and objects at high. That's using the "normal" FOV on the 5k, which is much better than the FOV on the rift. With my rift I could crank everything up and still have frames in the mid to high 30s. I also use that automatic FPS plugin for fly with lua that I can't think of right now. It helps. jFPS or something like that. Moe
  8. So I'm a total P2ATC noob and completely word not allowed to IFR procedures, so bear with me. Let's say I file an IFR flight plan, and I'm halfway to my destination, but off to the side I see something cool I want to look at, maybe a mountain range or a city or a nude beach. Is there a way to amend the plan? If I have to cancel IFR, how do I then continue IFR to my destination? Would I just request VFR Flight Following to my destination, then request an IFR approach to the active runway? TIA Moe
  9. I bought X-atc chatter and I love it. Is there a way to increase the volume of the chatter? It's very low compared to the pilot2atc voices, and I can't even really hear it above the aircraft engine noise. In X-Plane I have all the volumes maxxed except the aircraft interior which is the engine noise. I have that almost zero.
  10. Thank you very much! The previous 2 files I downloaded did not have the .ini file included. A lot of guys knock VR, and it's a challenge in X-Plane for sure. I have been playing DCS exclusively for a year now, after dabbling in X-Plane for a month last year in Oculus Rift. This after a 20 year hiatus from gaming. I was absolutely floored when I fired up X-plane last year in VR, considering the last time I played Flight Simulator was in the 90's. There really is no beating the immersion, but it offers some interface challenges as we see here. I don't fly large planes, just small military jets and a lot of aerobatics, and these aircraft is where VR really shines. BTW, I recently upgraded to a Pimax 5K, unbelievable. The FOV is a giant leap from the Rift. Thanks again for the help.
  11. Ok guys, I'd like to think I'm fairly computer literate, but x-plane has shown me what a noob I really am. I'm buried in addons and plugins and .ini files. I just want to fly! Anyway, I'd like to try out pilot2atc, but I cannot get it to connect to the sim. This, like everything else in X-Plane, is complicated by the fact that I fly in VR. After some googling, I see that I need to install something called XPUIPC, but what version? I found a few different version, with readme files that referenced files that weren't even included in the download. Also, can I run Pilot2ATC on my second monitor while in VR, or do I have to drag the thing into the cockpit with me using moveVR? I'd rather leave it outside VR. TIA Moe Colontonio
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