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  1. I'm a real life RV8 owner, and a tester on the SWS RV8. These guys have done a stellar job. It flies and feels just like a real RV8. If you're a fan of RVs it's one you won't want to miss.
  2. The RV8 Dev knows there are issues. I think they just released it too early. They have promised a fix for the performance.
  3. I have a cereproc voice that I had previously installed in P2ATC, but was having problems. I had trouble understanding the voice, and strangely enough, I had constant problems with ATC understanding me when this voice was active. I deleted it from my P2A voice list, but it continues to show up. Just now, it popped on as a ground controller, and wouldn't go away even after I forced ground to another voice in settings. I'd hate to have to re-install P2A and setup all my voices again, is there a file somewhere that I could manually edit out this rogue voice? It's Cereproc Susan Southern Black English if that helps.
  4. I disconnected every USB device I had, and uninstalled them using USB Deview, I then shutdown every process I didn't need using Process Lasso. Whether I'm in Flat screen or VR, I get these freezes if simconnect is running. Kill simconnect, and the freezes go away. It's odd as CPU/GPU usage drops to zero for half a second.
  5. I know this is an old thread, but I'm also getting a freeze for about half a second, 2-6 times a minute when simconnect is running. If I shut down simconnect, it goes away. I'm on the latest version, SU5, as of 9/1/21
  6. How's Neofly? I currently use Onair but it's so toobliner focused.
  7. I just purchased an RV8, flying out to Saint Louis to pick it up next Friday if the prebuy goes well. In my year long search, I've seen everything, with/without autopilot, glass cockpit and steam gauge. The real issue with MSFS is we still don't have a viable moving map solution that can be freely moved around the cockpit in VR. It's a shame because pretty much everyone flies with some version of an iPad/Foreflight, no matter how their panel is outfitted. In my experience, the MSFS autopilot still works for basic functions like heading and altitude hold, even if the aircraft is not outfitted with one. You just map the keys. I did contact Terrainy and let them know I'd have my hands on an RV8 next week, but they never responded.
  8. I agree they went way off in left field with the avionics. No idea what they were thinking there...
  9. https://fselite.net/news/terrainy-studios-previews-rv-8-for-msfs/ Anyone know anything about these guys? Ironically, I just left a deposit on a real RV-8 this past Friday. Looking forward to flying the MSFS version on rainy days!
  10. I think all my cereproc voices are great, I've got 6 I believe.
  11. All good here, have about 6 hours on the updated version.
  12. I have 4 cereproc voices and they work great, all over a year old. I approached them about a group buy and they said they'd give 25% off if we buy at least 6.
  13. I approached crereproc, and they said that if we can commit to 6 voice purchases, they will give us 25% off. I will buy 2 for myself. Anyone else interested?
  14. The cereproc voices are very good, I purchase one or two every time they come on sale, which seems to be often. Just google their coupon codes, they had 50% off for Black Friday, but they go on sale quite often. https://www.cereproc.com/en/buy-voices Voices are expensive, but someone else took a tremendous amount of time to create and tweak them, and so it is what it is. I can't imagine Dave would be willing to goto extreme lengths to create and distribute a hack to get paid voices for free, and I don't blame him. P2ATC works just fine with the handful of free Microsoft voices that you can get. Everything else is a third party addon. Considering how much enjoyment I get out of using P2ATC, I'd call it a cheap investment no matter what. I've paid more for a good martini than I have for addon voices.
  15. No, one will work just fine. Mount it about 30 degrees off center in front of you, At least 4 feet away. You can switch the channel using a paper clip in the hole in the back, that may be the issue.
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