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  1. No, one will work just fine. Mount it about 30 degrees off center in front of you, At least 4 feet away. You can switch the channel using a paper clip in the hole in the back, that may be the issue.
  2. You will need base stations to get 6 degrees of freedom. Meaning you can lean forward to view the instruments, etc. Without base stations, it's like your head is stuck in one place, and you can only turn it. I cannot fly like that, it makes me sick. You will need PiTool installed, and then install Steam VR. You will then open Steam VR from Pitool, NOT from Steam itself. The consensus seems to be that you will need to have Parallel Projections turned on in PiTool with the pimax.
  3. That depends on the HMD. The technology is evolving quickly. I currently have the Pimax 5K and the HP Reverb. The Reverb is crystal clear, about what a 1080 monitor gives you, but I just can't handle the small FOV. I use the 5K, and while it's not as clear, it's far from blurry, and I can read all the gauges just fine. The upcoming Pimax 8KX is looking good, and when eye tracking finally comes it'll be really good. We also need the graphics cards to catch up, as the HMDs are currently out pacing them. Regardless, VR is in it's infancy yet, and there's no question that it's the future for simming, but like anything else, personal preferences will vary. I have no idea what their timeline is, but I really doubt it will be on release day.
  4. I figured as much. If the terrain is flat, no problems, it's only the mountains that get in my way! Thanks!
  5. Ha! It does make approaches into small airfields more interesting!
  6. I also am a tester. As much as I anticipated getting on board with testing, it held my interest for all of about 2 hours of flying. Just can't do it in flat screen anymore, it sucks. I didn't order it on release because of this. Just today I placed my order, after speaking with a guy who has an inside track who said they are actively working on VR. Despite ordering the full boat version, whatever they are calling it, I won't even bother playing until they get the VR done.
  7. Does P2ATC know where terrain is? I fly into many small airports with no established approaches, and often P2ATC will vector me into terrain if I let it. I know it probably can't see the terrain, but I want to make sure there isn't a setting somewhere to avoid this.
  8. Ok, so no need to change it manually and hit validate unless you want to physically see where the new TOD is. Thanks!
  9. This happens whether the aircraft radios are powered or not. I just didn't bother powering up for the video. I'll do some more testing later.
  10. Here's a video of the issue: Seems to only happen when the GTN 750 is controlling the COM radios.
  11. So the answer is no, it cannot show weather.
  12. The import process works fine, but if you try to import a plan that includes a waypoint that isn't in the GTN database, it throws a wrench in the whole process. The GTN database is ok, but lacks many smaller fields and such. It'd be nice if somehow it could automatically add unknown points using lat/long as you import.
  13. I too have struggled, and given up on importing flight plans from pilot2atc into the 750. Not because it doesn't work, but because I had so many errors because of the limited 750 database. I create the flight plan in p2atc, and hand jam it into the 750, in vr, as you described, often having to create custom wps along the way because of the limited 750 database. Generally I try to get this done in flat screen pre-flight, then switch to vr, startup, and go. Tmrw I'll review the import process and walk you through it, I haven't bothered in awhile but I do remember it being a bit tricky at first.
  14. Seems that when using the GTN-750 to control my coms in the Hotstart TBM-900, the pilot2ATC messages get cut off. I can work around this by disabling the 750 control of the COM radio, but in VR this is a hassle as I need to lift the HMD to change freqs using the P2atc interface (nearly impossible to do in-aircraft as the G-1000 is useless with the VR mouse). Is there a decent workaround or fix for this? XP-11.50 Vulcan TIA
  15. I see a weather button, but it's greyed out. How do I get this working?
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