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htr profile,my helicopters are behaving absolutely redicilous

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Hi guys,
Love helicopters, not necessarily in p3dv4, but since I have that sim and a lot of add-ons I make the best of it.

I have used htr profiles for years to make my helicopters a but more realistic but suddenly as soon as I start htr my heli starts to spin, and bump uncontrollably. It just moves over the ground with 100 mph and instantly destroys the rotors and the rest of the helicopter. I unplugged all controls physically, I deactivated controllers in P3d, restarted everything..... No matter what I do, as soon as I start htr the heli goes absolutely crazy. This goes for all helicopters, milviz and  default.


This seems like some sort of strange bug.... What could this be?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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Hi, Jozeff. Anytime that my helicopters were out of control, it was always my joystick calibration. Never knew what "knocked" it out of sync, but what I did was reset to default in p3d controller menu, then calibrate the joystick in the Windows option.

Hope that helps,


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Ok thanks,


I use fsuipc and don't really use the P3d control settings. Should I reset it anyways??





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I would, couldn't hurt anything. Usually, when any aircraft goes "out of control", it's usually related to an "out of control" controller calibration. It does happen, once in awhile, after updates for addons and other products.  

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