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TSS MD-11 Pilot Edition packs and other sounds...

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I've read that if one has the PMDG MD-11 then the sounds are realistic and accurate. However, for those of us who don't have the legacy MD-11 then Turbine Sound Studios pilot edition (better representation of sound from within the cockpit so they say) is a great improvement over freeware MD-11s and Sky Sim's MD-11. At least the engines sound a lot better, both internally and externally and there is more cockpit ambience, to my (subjective!) ears anyway. So for me, the packs were worthwhile - Yes, I got both the PW and GE packs - sad aren't i? :blush::tongue:

One of the things I did prior to installing the TSS sound.cfg was to compare it to the Sky Sim one. There were a couple of callouts missing from the TSS file, namely the glideslope warning and the landing gear warning. I just copied those entries across along with their respective wav files.

Whilst doing this I decided to have a poke around the directories and finally sorted the apocalyptically noisy GPU out  - without resorting to just starting up the APU :biggrin:. I now don't have my head next to its exhaust manifold when I fire it up! (GPU, not APU - that's rather higher up and rather too hot.)

The GPU wav file is contained within the MD-11s own subfolder in the main FSX sound folder. There is a large amount of sound files in there, but I don't appear to have heard some of them; the TCAS test ones have never played. I haven't heard any TCAS warnings in flight. I hardly have an AI traffic due to performance, but on the odd occasion ATC asks me if I have the aircraft in sight, TCAS never uttered a warning, nor did I see it display any other aircraft despite me seeing them.. Another specific example is the cabin altitude warning. Not heard that one despite returning to a saved flight and an aircraft with maximum cabin pressure (sea level)! The warning is displayed in red on the MFD. Incidentally the pressurisation system does restore cabin pressure if I command a slight descent (100 feet less) then go back to cruising altitude. The rotary switch on the overhead panel has moved and the synoptic display is showing cabin altitude rising. Perhaps it's because I'm flying a freighter not a pax version?

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