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I am running P3Dv4.5 with Chaseplane and PMD aircraft and am encountering the following problem:

My zoom level is displayed in the upper right corner of the monitor at 0.5. So I wanted to set it at 0.7 or 0.75, by changing the following file:


" Edit the configuration file in local data \AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D_Default.fxml.  Change the zoom value for the various cameras.  I set Camera.1.2 "Virtual Cockpit" to a value of "0.80" from "0.2999"

So I changed :

Camera 1.1; Value=Cockpit; Zoom Value=0.7

Camera 1.2; Value=Virtual Cockpit; Zoom Value=0.7

Camera 1.3; Value=Virtual Cockpit Only; Zoom Value=0.7

in that file. However, the displayed value on the upper r/h corner (in red) did NOT change.

So I placed the default a/c (Raptor), change the zoom level (upper r/h corner) to 0.7 and saved it as the default flight. After loading a PMDG aircraft, the zoom level (upper r/h corner) remained at 0.5

Additionally, I have 4 cockpit cameras in Chaseplane (Pilot, Overhead, MCP and Pedestal) and each one has a different zoom level displayed in the upper right corner.

Question: Is there a way to have a global zoom level for the cockpit (displayed in the upper r/h corner of the monitor), which all my cameras in Chaseplane will adhere to? So when I switch views in Chaseplane, the displayed zoom level remains at 0.7? BTW I can change the zoom level with the plus & minus (+ & -) keys, but it reverts back to 0.5 after reloading a another flight. I also can adjust the zoom level within Chaseplane by using the mousewheel and then updating the particular camera. However, I don't know how to adjust the zoom level globally in P3Dv4.5.

It's a somewhat lengthy post, but I hope it is understandable what I am looking for.

Thanks for help

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You need to set your zoom level in chaseplane. If you set it to 0.70 in chaseplane you can then right click and set that value as default, and also apply it to other views.

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this was it! -SOLVED-

I was under the wrong assumption that the red information in the r/h corner of the monitor pertains to P3Dv4 zoom setting. However it's the Chaseplane zoom setting for the individual views (cameras) I have programmed for each particular aircraft.

So thanks for help

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