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I use the fantastic GTN750 in Virtual Reality.  Integration into some aircraft is wonderful (Flysimware FA50 for example), but when replacing the F1 gauge in aircraft such as the RealAir Turbine Duke, I can't get the bezel to work (I tired the beta gauge for the bezel, but no luck).

My question, Is there a way of selecting the Direct To function from the touchscreen (not using the button on the bezel)?  Opening the popout window in VR is a real pain (as it appears behind the cockpit glass and then you have to stand up and lean your head out of the plane to interact, wrecking all that lovely VR immersion).



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I'm not sure there is a way to select the DTO button from the touchscreen however there is a way to map a keyboard shortcut to the DTO button, which you can they execute directly on a keyboard or bind to a hardware button using any 3rd party tool to do the binding.

In addition you can also enable "Use Simulator GPS Commands" to intercept the standard Flight Simulator DTO GPS Command and bind the same command to a hardware button or a keyboard shortcut too.'

Please note: for the 'bridge' XML gauge to work you have to also enable "Use Simulator GPS Commands".

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