Shift Key panels in VC no longer appearing - please help

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Hi All,

I have just noticed  that when I press Shift +1, Shift +2, Shift +3 etc, in my VCs none of the panels appear any longer. A box outline appears fleetingly and then disappears. This makes flying very difficult. It is not aircraft dependent, affecting all planes I have tried from default to add on. In a pane where I have  GTN750 installed I did briefly luckily get the GTN back on Shift +3 but none of the other panels (eg the maintenance hanger in A2A Cherokee for example) appear.

There is frustratingly little information online from others that I have been able find, who have experienced this. I have not made any changes that I remember that might have affected this globally either and it has never happened before.

My Specs are P3D v4.4, with full Orbx, Pilots global mesh, FSPS limiter, FSUIPC latest I think v5.151.

PC running Win 10: i5 4690, GTX1080, 32Gb RAM, 2Tb 720rpm disk drive

Any help from the community would be very welcome indeed.




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Oh dear I think I must have misspelt the word 'Shift' lol... sorry, better get my eyesight checked..

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Hi Charlie,

Noted, and thanks.

I had done a search but had not come up with this one. Of course it worked. I'd flipped up the transparency to 100% in my sleep - instead of the frame limiter. Doh!

Great community here and a real help to me. Was tearing small amount of hair out.

Kind regards,



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Glad it helped you Ray:happy:  Yeah, I know all about that ripping hair out!  I know all about what I call a "horseshoe haircut"👴

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