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Zenair 650 out of Chandler, AZ

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I found this aircraft that was once used by a flight school I went to in Chandler way back when.  It is an Xplane10 aircraft I downloaded from Xplane.org but it did not work in Xplane11.  But I have heard some aircraft could be "resurrected" if saved in Planemaker10, then saved in Planemaker11.  So I downloaded the Xplane10 demo for the sole purpose of bringing this simple but fun LSA back to life, since there has been no activity from the original developer.

The CH 650B S-LSA X-Plane project was a creation of Olivier Faivre and HydroZ in collaboration with Zenair and Zenith Aircraft Co., designers and manufacturers of the CH 650B S-LSA / Experimental aircraft.

I wanted to upload the aircraft to Xplane.org but there is a file size limit, and I do not know how to upload aircraft there.  Plus I cannot get permission from the developer to upload it because they seem to have gone out of Xplane11 development, although Zenith is still in business.  I have flown a real Zenair 601 a couple of times, once in the flight school I mentioned which used VATSIM and Xplane and once in Deland Florida, an experimental model way back, fun aircraft to fly but a little underpowered, a little heavy because it is an all metal LSA.

Would it be wrong to upload the aircraft here at Avsim?  Actually, would anyone be interested at all, given its simplicity?  It does not have an autopilot but can be slaved to Xplane11's autopilot via keyboard commands.  My conversion of the aircraft to Xplane11 was completely successful, and having flown the real aircraft I can vouch that the flight dynamics the original designer put into it are very close.

If someone does want it, PM me and I will see if I can zip it up and email it, although it is a big file.  The aircraft has a simple but fully working 3D panel, sometimes rare for Xplane10 conversions.



Edit: I have uploaded this aircraft to xplane.org, so it can be downloaded if anyone is interested in the designers original work.


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