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Are 737 NGX Beta Testers Required???

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Hello there


I have been using the PMDG 737 NGX for about 3 years and its just simply an awesome product. Shortfalls? yes but it is true that what is superb exponentially outweighs what is not so good.


I have come across several posts on other sites recently that seem to hint that PM are just about to launch an updated version of the 737 NGX and that it is due to be rolled out to beta testers in the next few weeks.


Now, I do not know if that is true. But just in case they monitor this forum, if they are looking for beta testers then I would be honoured to be one of the testers for it. I fly the NGX about 100 or so hours a month and I know of most of the functionality of the NGX. I know that there will be others more qualified than I on this site, but perhaps if we all signalled our willingness to test and report on this project (if indeed it does exist lol), then it might help  PM and also help us pilots to know what the current plans are.


Over you you PM - get back to us if you would like our assistance to beta test the new NGX.


Kind regards


Alan Hill

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PMDG invite beta testers who satisfy numerous selection criteria such as professional qualifications, proven knowledge, forum participation over a long period of time etc. Most of us "average" simmers won't meet that criteria. They won't usually respond to an offer made on the forum - they would get heaps of "offers" I expect.

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