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FA50 EX crashes constantly

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Just bought this bird and I probably shouldn't have, but it looked so nice.

I have the standard AP/FMS issues with the Phenom 300, and I should have stayed away.

Anyways, I bought this the other day and have been unable to fly it since.  I have Track IR, and the first crash happened when I turned my head too quick.  The game crashed out and I had a "your computer ran out of memory" error.  I have 32 GB of RAM, and while I understand something about FSX maxes the vram out at 4gbs, I have not had any other issues with any other planes. 

I am running with ORBX scenery (Global, Vector, North America, NA Alaska/Canada, and Lights, along with the freeware Airports, libraries), Active Sky 2016, Active Sky Cloud Art, Pro-ATC-x, and PDMG 737-800.  All of that was running except the 737.  This first crash happened during the initial Navigraph upload, so perhaps there was too much going on?

The crashes after this... I paused track IR so there would be no movements while the navigraph did it's initial startup.  After this, I unpaused Track IR and turned my head back and forth, with no crashes.  I was in window mode (to be safe, until I reached cruise) and tried to open the radio stack and it showed up black and the game crashed out again, but without the memory warning.  I had several other crashes after this, all while trying to open panels.  I only received the memory error the first time.

Any ideas on this?  I'm running an intel i5 8600k with a GTX 970, 32GB of RAM on Windows 10. 

My settings are at the recommended ORBX minimal settings, so pretty much high/ultra high

I've researched this issue all last night with little help, so I'm reaching out to the community.  Thanks all!  Oh an for the record I have flown with the PDMG 737 on these same settings with no issues whatsoever.

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Additional info I felt would be helpful.

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If your hardware is in good condition including your power supply and voltages and heat are well within specification the most probable cause is a conflict with another program running in the background, including a virus.

If you are overclocking the computer RAM, CPU or video card I suggest you put everything back to stock settings.

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If you are running FSX, you do have a Virtual Memory limitation of about 4 GB.

This is not hardware (RAM or VRAM), but software address space.

This is also known as OOM errors..

The only remedy (other than going to a 64 bit sim like P3D V4) is to dial back some of your scenery settings... You can track Virtual Memory usage via FSUIPC and see how close to the 4 GB limit you are getting..

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